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3 Security Weaknesses Hackers Love

We are sharing more data and spending more time online than ever before. Unfortunately, surfing is not always safe, especially as cybercrime is on the rise. By 2021, the global cost of cybercrime is expected to rise to over $6 trillion. Additionally, phishing attacks reached an all-time high in the first quarter of 2020, with over 60,000 sites reported in the month of March.

Hackers are intuitive, intelligent and creative, and they use sophisticated methods to breach defenses and access data. Raising awareness of security threats and taking steps to secure systems and protect your business is vital. 

Cybersecurity aims to make life difficult for criminals who are looking to flatten defenses and penetrate systems. A robust, targeted cybersecurity strategy can minimize the risk of attacks, but studies show that many businesses are not taking the necessary precautions. 

Here are some of the most common system weaknesses that hackers exploit and some tips to help you shield your company. 


Employees are an incredibly valuable asset for every business, but they can be a major liability when it comes to cybersecurity. Over 90% of cyber attacks begin with phishing emails

Phishing emails are one of the most common problems encountered by businesses. These emails encourage web users to share data, provide information, or click on links that open up opportunities for cybercriminals to gain access to your systems. 

Modern-day phishing emails are often lifelike, and it can be very difficult to distinguish them from legitimate messages. Unwittingly, recipients can download harmful links or end up with a virus on their computer simply by clicking on an email that wasn’t what it seemed. 

Providing employees with training and testing, using spam filters, and raising awareness of the signs of phishing emails can help to lower risks for businesses and individuals. 

Unsecured networks

Unsecured networks are an attractive proposition for hackers. As a business owner, there are several steps you can take to eliminate the risks of hackers targeting your company through weak networks. 

Using a VPN, implementing multi-factor authentication, and introducing policies governing the use of personal devices can all help to protect your business. Employees should be aware of the latest regulations and protocols, and they should also have access to training regarding cybersecurity. Preview in new tab(opens in a new tab)

Unmonitored systems

An unmonitored system is a much more appealing option for hackers than a network that is monitored continuously. Round-the-clock monitoring is an effective means of detecting threats at the earliest point. 

If you don’t already have access to 24-hour monitoring, it’s wise to look for a reputable IT company to provide your business with tailored cybersecurity services. IT experts can analyze and assess existing measures and strategies and make cybersecurity recommendations based on your requirements and your budget. 

Hackers target businesses of all sizes across a broad spectrum of sectors, and they seize upon any weakness in a network. If you’re looking to strengthen your security strategy, now is the time to act. Working with an experienced IT provider can help you fill in the security gaps of your system in order to make life hard for hackers.