What Are the Differences in the Most Popular Programming Languages?

If you’re familiar with programming languages at all, you may have a general idea that there are different ones. Coders and programmers will often debate about which version of Python they favor, or what language is best to learn first. Ultimately a good programmer will often learn several languages, however, even if they have one they prefer.

Programming languages, if you aren’t familiar, are the instructions that are used in computer programming. A programming language is a set of instructions for a computer to follow. Programming languages are used to write computer programs, as well as to create websites and mobile apps. A programming language lets a computer take large, complicated chunks of information and process them quickly.

The following is an overview of the most popular computer programming languages and what to know.


JavaScript is a front-end web development language and almost all software developers use it at some point. It’s often named as the most popular language among developers, and the overwhelming majority of developers say they use JavaScript regularly. When you look at the world’s most popular websites,including Facebook, YouTube, and Gmail, they use JavaScript.

The use of JavaScript allows for the creation of dynamic, interactive webpages.

Sometimes JavaScript can be used on the server-side, although it’s mostly a front-end language. It’s mostly meant to run in browsers, and it’s not related to Java, despite the name similarities. JavaScript may be useful in game development also.


A lot of people opt to start learning programming languages and coding with HTML. HTML is used to design web pages, and it’s a way to format things on a webpage,so they properly display on a browser. This can be used not only be web developers and software engineers, but also people who design emails and technical editors.

It’s relatively easy to learn HTML, and it has a lot of value in the business world.


Another good general, versatile, and foundational programming language is Java. Java is general-purpose,and it can be used to develop apps for Android. It’s also used as a server-side language for the back-end development at most of the world’s major companies. There’s also Hadoop, which is a framework based on Java used by Facebook and Amazon Web Services.

Java is frequently used across a wide variety of industries,including education, health, finance, retail,and more. It’s also relevant for the Internet of Things and enterprise architecture.

Java has a history of more than 20 years in computer programming.


Python is an advanced language that can be used by Python developers,and programmers, software engineers, and also back end developers. Python can be a good language for beginners to use,and it’s for both apps and web apps. Python is also very relevant in data mining and analytics, as well as machine learning and AI.

Despite its wide uses and the fact that it’s a high-level language, Python is relatively easy to learn, which is one of its many benefits. Programmers tend to like the fact that it can increase their productivity, and the cycle for editing, testing,and debugging is faster than a lot of other languages.

Python is described as very user-friendly with an intuitive syntax that can feel like English, which is why it’s popular with people who are just starting to learn programming.


C is considered an old school language with staying power. It was first introduced in the 1970s but remains relevant in programming currently. It can be tough to learn, but it is the foundation of the Linux operating system. C++ is a successor of the C language.

C++ is often useful for graphics, games and virtual reality.


PHP is a server-side language used on the vast majority of websites. It’s a back-end tool, and it’s significant to WordPress, so even people with no coding experience may be somewhat familiar with this language.

There’s a lot of different reasons to use PHP, such as collecting data and displaying dynamic content.

For web developers who want to work on their own as freelancers, PHP is important to learn, particularly with the popularity of WordPress.


Finally, another popular language is Ruby. Ruby is for web development, and there’s a strong community surrounding it, meaning it has robust support and trouble-shoot resource options. Ruby is often associated with some of the world’s biggest technology businesses including Shopify and Airbnb, that use Ruby on Rails to build their sites.