How Is AI Used in Cyber Security?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, and it is one of the areas of technology that really has the power to change the world around us. 

At this stage, AI is nowhere near the complexity you would find in Hollywood movies. 

AI technology is still not capable of controlling robots and instructing them to wage wars against humanity. 

AI is, at the moment, much more helpful than harmful. In fact, it is not harmful at all if it is in the right hands.

Automated Processes

In order to check security protocols and tools, people used to spend hundreds of hours on legwork; there are systems to be adjusted and software to be updated. 

Luckily for humanity, AI is slowly taking over and thus is automating all the processes so that we can focus on our creativity and productivity rather than its security. 

That said, many businesses are already using automation tools to improve their production and overall employee satisfaction.

Face-Recognition Technology

In 2017, Macau introduced AI face scans in order to help casinos confirm the identity of their visitors by scanning their faces. 

Thanks to the face recognition technology, some casinos were actually saved from cheaters and burglars a couple of times. 

Moreover, many land-based casinos in Las Vegas, as well as online casinos, use AI in order to detect patterns that hackers use and so they prevent disasters from happening. 

Speaking of patterns, let’s check out how AI achieves that. Read on!

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is yet another popular aspect of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

In 2018, Data scientists have come to an idea to teach machines how to recognize patterns in order to improve their efficiency in all fields, including security. 

For example, AI can learn how to recognize a car in a photo by analyzing thousands of car photos. 

So, if you ever stumbled upon the “select all parts of the image” verification check, be certain that that’s AI doing its work and checking if you are a real user and not an automated one.

Anomaly Detection

We already discussed how AI could recognize patterns. Well, this technology can successfully recognize anomalies too. 

In other words, AI makes sure that all security protocols are in check by learning their patterns, and as soon as something is not in line with that pattern, chances are there’s been an irregularity. 

These anomalies are immediately reported, and that is how hundreds of cyber attacks are sabotaged and thus prevented on a daily basis.

The Dark Side of AI

AI and machine learning are used mainly for security, and there are numerous instances that have proven AI’s ability to keep us safe. 

However, we are in the middle of an ongoing cyberwar, and our personal data can easily be misused (if we are not careful enough) as many hackers use cutting-edge technologies that can penetrate through the existing layers of protection. 

That said, in order for the humanity to stay safe, it’s paramount that AI is in the hands of good people, as well as that you personally learn more about personal safety and know what not to do when online.