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What is Digital Transformation?

We are at a precarious time in the business world. We have learned from the pandemic that we need to modify existing processes, customer experiences, and the culture of our company itself to meet market requirements. 

This significant reimagining of business in the digital age is not easy, but this is where digital transformation becomes an integral component to elicit foundational changes to deliver true value to our customers.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is, fundamentally, a change in the customer experience. At its core, it’s about reimagining our business in the digital age to create or modify existing processes to meet the requirements of the changing market using digital tools.

Digital transformation boils down to how you perceive and engage with your customers. As formats leap from paper to spreadsheets and now smart applications, we have the opportunity to really think about how we do business using digital technology.

What Digital Transformation Is Not

Digital transformation is the next step from digitization and digitalization, which is why it’s important to note the differences between the three:

Digitization was the switch from analog to digital. When businesses had records on paper this was classed as analog, and when computers went mainstream, there was a process of businesses converting paper records to computer files.

Digitalization is classed as the process of using digitized information and tech to simplify and streamline work processes. This can be evidenced in many ways in the modern day but the simplest example is being able to find relevant customer data on a computer instead of searching through paper documents. The ease of access by clicking the mouse and entering a few keystrokes has made an incredible improvement to business efficiency.

Digital transformation is the culmination of generating ideas for using business technology in different ways, not just for efficiency but actually creating new technologies with new approaches and using them to add value to customer interaction.

What Can Digital Transformation Do for My Business?

It can be easy to assume that digital transformation is just a way to work faster, but the fundamentals underneath it use technology at the forefront, not just as a tool. This can truly impact a business and its processes.

As digital transformations have completely changed how companies approach the idea of customer service, this is something every company needs to leap on. It is a way to use components like social media to reinvigorate how you interact with the customer, either through marketing advertising or even one-on-one engagement. Therefore, in a constantly changing market, it keeps your business current and vibrant.

How Do I Use Digital Transformation to Help My Business?

Digital transformation can encourage business owners to think beyond the norm. It can help you create the next chapter in your business journey, not just to make life easier for your company. Engaging in new, untapped markets and processes to alter your business forever. Consultation with an IT company can help you get started on this exciting and crucial journey.

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