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Is Grammarly Premium Worth Getting?

Grammarly Premium is a fantastic resource to have available for an assortment of tasks. This is because it’s one of the most in-depth web-based and downloadable grammar checkers.

As such, it is highly adaptable for academic papers, research papers, creative writing, and more.

Free vs. Premium Accounts

Considering its features is one of the best ways to determine whether investing in Grammarly Premium is worth it.

Compared to free accounts, you will have over 400 additional components checked in your content. The significant upgrade in features is essential for crafting the most engaging and well-written excerpts possible.

Free Accounts

With free accounts, you receive:

  • Spelling checks
  • Grammar checks
  • Punctuation checks
  • Conciseness checks

In a nutshell, a free Grammarly account targets the most significant issues in your text. With it, you can quickly address spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and punctuation mistakes.

Also, with conciseness checks, you can ensure your sentences are the perfect length for easy readability. However, if you are using Grammarly for work or published content, for example, a premium account is far better.

Premium Accounts

With a paid account, you will have all of the features included with the free version, as well as:

  • Clarity-focused rewrites of sentences
  • A built-in plagiarism detector
  • Word choice advice
  • Adjustable formality levels
  • Highly adjustable tones
  • Fluency checker
  • Highlighted writing inconsistencies

Is Grammarly Premium Worth Getting?

With a clear idea of the most significant differences between the free and paid accounts, let’s look deeper at Grammarly Premium. Some of the most notable features you will use to your advantage include:

1. Correctness Checks

Within the “Correctness” heading, you will find an assortment of errors the platform checks for you. Like most word processors, you will have grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks, which the company includes in free accounts.

However, the program also checks for consistency in your punctuation and spelling.

Another impressive feature exclusive to Grammarly Premium is the fluency checker. With this feature, the platform ensures your writing flows, so it’s easily digestible by readers.

2. Clarity Tips

One of the most important things as a writer is to ensure your writing is clear and easy to read. With this aspect, your conciseness and readability will be analyzed and scored.

As you complete your article, you will be able to see the average readability score as well as in-depth metrics. With this information, you will be able to compare your results to other Grammarly users with added tips for improvement.

Readability specifically includes word length and sentence length. Conciseness is another substantial part of checking a document, as it affects the general readability.

If your project has lengthy sentences that are too hard to read, the program alerts you to necessary changes.

3. Engagement Scores

No matter what type of content you’re writing, you have to make sure it is engaging enough for your target audience to read all the way through. Analyzing the engagement of your text is a two-prong approach with this platform.

First, it looks at your vocabulary to determine if it’s compelling; second, it considers sentence variety. Sentence variety is essential to prevent repeating phrases and ideas and to keep passages entertaining for readers.

4. Delivery Suggestions

How you deliver the information in your content is crucial, as it determines how formal, confident, and inclusive your language is. Suggested “Delivery” edits can include tone, confidence, politeness, formality, and inclusiveness.

Writers can adjust their work as needed to get their point across in a specific way to target the reader’s emotions. This feature is significant when composing emails, memos, and other peer-to-peer communications.

It’s also a valuable asset for helping readers to invest themselves in your writing.

5. Plagiarism Checks

The last feature that differentiates free from paid Grammarly subscriptions is the plagiarism checker. Creating unique content can be challenging, especially with the vast amount of text published online.

This feature protects you from situations where programs flag your work as being taken from another source.

For students, plagiarism checks can mean the difference between expulsion and good grades. For professional writers, it protects your reputation, quality of work, and keeps you accountable.

This feature is also essential for employers so that they can double-check their employee’s work for authenticity.

6. Performance Scores

In the Grammarly sidebar, you will notice a header that reads “Overall Score” with a number. With a paid subscription, you can click that heading to access the “Performance” sub-menu.

The metrics in this menu are invaluable to your work quality and keep you apprised of your skills. The overall score gives you a rating out of 100 depending on the writing quality. Here, you will also be able to review your readability score, as explained earlier.

Two additional features are your word count and vocabulary metrics. With your word count, you can track the number of characters and words in a document. You can also measure the number of sentences, how long it will take to read, and how long it takes to speak.

The vocabulary menu is also essential, as it shows you a percentage of unique and rare words. This component is one of the essential features for well-rounded content.


If you are wondering if Grammarly Premium is worth it, the answer is yes. Having the paid version opens the door to several innovative features designed to transform your work into high-quality professional writing.

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