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4 Tips For Building Your Audience Organically With Content

Content is everything when it comes to social media. It might be a video, an image, an infographic, a blog post, a tweet, or something else—but whatever it is, your content needs to intrigue people. When you publish posts that bring people joy or information, people are more likely to follow you in hopes that you will share more of the same (without repeating yourself).
It sounds like a tall order, and sometimes it can be. Producing a seemingly endless stream of content that doesn’t drive visitors away can feel exhausting for the people making it. Content, however, is imperative for expanding your brand organically. There are ways you can buy quality Instagram followers and consult with growth experts, but often, the content part is still up to you. Is there any way to make this process easier? Here are a few tips for creating content that brings people to you:

Make sure everything stays on-brand

When you use social media for marketing purposes, you need to remind fellow internet users that you are not a faceless company—you are a business or a personal brand, which means treating your audience like you are behind a wall will only make them turn away from you. People are tired of faceless organizations or solo influencers plainly hungry for attention. Shaping your account into one worth following means you need a personality—a brand voice.
Your brand voice is a wide-encompassing concept that includes your visuals (like your logo and social media posts), your tone (such as with your slogan or interacting with followers/customers), your values, and more. While it’s good to diversify what you publish, straying too far can be jarring.
Imagine it this way: you have a favorite vegetable merchant at your local farmers’ market. Her food is delicious and reasonably priced, but you also purchase from her because you enjoy conversing with her. The conversation adds something to the business experience. Now, what if on some days she acted like someone else? It may not be in a negative way, but her erraticness is off-putting, and the idea of doing business with her loses its appeal. If she were to engage in a different conversation with you each time will still retaining her charming personality, you are more likely to remain loyal.
4 Tips For Building Your Audience Organically With Content

Use tools to help

You are probably aware of how useful social media analytics can be. Different platforms can provide you with extensive insight into which of your posts are performing well, how much people are engaging with them, the best times to be active, where your traffic is coming from, and more. With social media analytics, you can adjust your campaign strategies appropriately to maximize their effectiveness.
However, while many tools will give you hard data, not all of them will tell you why specific posts perform better than others. It’s up to you to notice patterns, such as when your videos attract more likes than images. With, however, you can look into your Instagram content itself. Which of the video filters you’ve used has gotten the most attention? Which posts are getting the best responses? When you have an understanding of why particular posts perform well, you can keep doing what you’re doing right.

Don’t bait and switch

Do not be tempted to trick social media users into clicking on something and then sending them elsewhere, or covering up advertising methods as something else. A recent Contently report notes that of the people surveyed, 66 percent of them have felt brands tricked them with a sponsored article or another form of paid content. Be transparent about what you are communicating; deceiving them in hopes that they will think of it as a happy accident (because how could they not love what you are offering?) is both unethical and fruitless.
4 Tips For Building Your Audience Organically With Content

Keep an eye on your competition

It’s always practical to pay attention to what your competitors are doing. You do not want to produce content that is too close to theirs, so looking at what they publish will help steer you away from overlapping. If your content is the same, how can you distinguish yourself?
You can, however, look to your competitors as role models. What kind of content are they posting that finds success? What are their strategies? You have a common audience you are both trying to become familiar with, so what you can learn about them through each other can help you grow.
When your social media material is both original and on-brand, you have many more opportunities to build your audience organically. What kind of content do you plan to share?

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