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4 Tips for Creating the Best “About” Page

Who doesn’t want to make the most of their online presence? Your website’s about page will have more potential pull than any other piece of content. Though you may know yourself better than anyone else, you still need to create compelling content that will reach out to your target audience and draw them in. 

Let’s consider exactly what an about page is. Its main function is to provide information about your business and the services you provide. But it should also tell the story of your journey starting with how you chose your goal and the steps you are taking to achieve it. This will make it easy for visitors to relate to you as a person rather than just seeing just a company or brand. Here are four tips for creating an about page that will wow.

Define Yourself

While the other pages of your website are designed to convey information about what you offer, your about page gives you the opportunity to express your unique identity. Here you can show your audience what makes you special. Skip the business jargon and describe who you are in an authentic voice. If you find yourself struggling, try interviewing yourself.

Convey Your Purpose

Your about page gives you an opportunity to explain what you do, who you operate with, and who for. This is a good space to clarify your undertakings and how you are achieving them. Don’t be tempted to sum up your aims in a slogan. Think about who your target audience is and how you are embracing them.  

Explain Your Approach

This is the part where you get to explain why you have chosen your current path and why your road is paved with success. Here you can really shine and show how your business stands above your competitors. You can also elaborate on how easy you are to work with and about the value you bring to your services. Use genuine, straight forward language that will resonate with your audience. 

Recount Your Journey

Your readers now have a deeper understanding of what you do, who you work with, and what your ethos is. Now, you can show them how you arrived at where you are today. By offering them a compelling story, you can educate and inspire your audience. You may choose to include information such as what motivated you to start your business or what fulfills you most about the work you do. Take a look at this about page for Olympia De Castro. It elegantly relates her journey from banking to impact investing for conscious business and her motivations behind this transition. 

Be Proactive 

Now you’ve gathered all your personal information together and woven it into a wonderfully resonant bio, there’s just one more thing to do. Add a call to action. You’ve connected with your audience on a personal level, so invite them to sign up for your newsletter or Tweet a hello, so you can stay in touch.

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