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5 Content Marketing Trends to Watch

What works well in content marketing changes constantly, so those who work in the field need to stay on top of trends in order to stay relevant. Technology advances quickly, so changes in content marketing can sometimes be difficult to keep up with. There are always new ways of getting people’s attention to be aware of. If you aren’t up to date on trends, you could end up falling behind.

Here are a few trends that people in content marketing services are following.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can impact content marketing in a few different ways as it continues to get more advanced. Content marketers will be able to use artificial intelligence to create more relevant content faster than someone would be able to do manually. Many people use artificial intelligence often with chatbots. Chatbots make it easy to help answer questions and collect information regarding users behavior. With artificial intelligence, we will be able to create a more personalized content based on an audience’s interests to make it more effective. Artificial intelligence can also automatically write content on its own.

Voice searches

Many people have gotten into using voice searches in their day to day lives. Some even expect voice searches to make up half of all online searches by 2020. The wording people use in voice searches is different than the way they would word it while typing it in. Keeping in mind how many people are using voice searches, it’s important that content becomes voice search optimized. Content that only answers typed questions might not show up for voice searches. Writing content that’s more conversational can help you adapt to the rise of voice searches. 

Video and podcasts

Trying new forms of content can be extremely successful. Videos and podcasts have both gotten very popular in recent years. Including videos and podcasts in your content marketing can help set you apart from your competition. These formats also have the chance to be more enjoyable for your audience. Instead of taking the time to read your content, people get the same information in an interesting way. Finding new ways to change things up like this also gives you more of an opportunity to be creative.

Brand Storytelling

An increasingly important trend in content marketing today is brand storytelling. Brand storytelling allows you to tell people why your business exists and what the purpose of it is. Businesses who use brand storytelling in their content marketing can appear more authentic and transparent than businesses who don’t. If your message resonates with people, they could be more likely to remember you. Especially if millennials are your target audience, brand storytelling is important to connect with people and gain their trust.


Influencer marketing hasn’t gained a lot of popularity that will most likely be around for a while to come. The benefit of influencers for content marketers is that they have the trust of an audience already. Working with influencers in your field can help your content reach to a wider audience, who might be more likely to trust you because of your relationship to the influencer. This relationship is beneficial to both parties. Content marketers use influencers to distribute their work, while influencers get quality content to post to their audience.

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