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4 Ways to Create Better SlideShare Presentations for Content Marketing

Content marketing platforms are constantly changing. When I first started digital marketing, article Directory sites like Ezine Articles where the range. Today, they are practically useless. Content marketers have moved on to other platforms. One content marketing site that usually gets overlooked is SlideShare.
In 2012, the Content Marketing Institute dubbed SlideShare “quiet giant of content marketing.” This platform has over 80 million active users, but rarely gets used by most content marketers. You can get a lot of traction from SlideShare, especially if you are in a business services or technology related.
The trick is to make sure that your content is properly optimized. Here are some tips to get the most out of your SlideShare marketing strategy.

Trim your slides down to 12 words or less

Content marketers are used to writing long, verbose articles. When they are waiting guess posts or post content for their own sites, they usually need to write at least 800 words of content to get some value from them.
When you are submitting content to SlideShare, you are probably tempted to stuff a lot of words into your slides. The problem is that people don’t want to read a lot of text when they are browsing digital presentations on SlideShare.
It’s best to limit each slide to a dozen words or less. You can include content in your description to make up for it. It is also a good idea to use descriptive names for your images, because Google will consider them when crawling your sites.

Focus on aesthetics over copy

While creating guest posts, press releases or other written content, you obviously need to focus on writing informative and engaging content. The quality of your writing ultimately determines the amount of traction that your content will get.
Your focus will be different when you are creating content for SlideShare. According to an expert I spoke with from FlipSnack, people aren’t nearly as interested in your writing. Writing good copy is still important, but the aesthetics of your presentation is usually what will make or break it. You need a high-quality and visually pleasing design.

Have an enticing call to action and transition between slides

SlideShare stopped allowing marketers to place links at the beginning of their presentations a few years ago. If you want to traffic to your website, then you will need to place a link after the third page.
This can have significant ramifications for marketers that can’t keep the attention of their audience. If they leave after reading the first slide, then you will never have a chance of converting them.
This means that it is imperative that you make sure every slide keeps people wanting more. You need to have a clear call to action to get people to click the next slide. Your CTA needs to be clear, large bold.
You should also hit at the content in the following slide. You might want to ask a question and hyperlink to it. This lets your audience know that you will answer their question in the following slide.

Know your audience when choosing a template and images

There are loads of great templates and images that you can use for your SlideShare presentations. The problem is that a presentation that looks great for some viewers may not resonate with others.
You need to keep your audience in mind when choosing visuals for your presentation. The age, gender and nationality of your target audience will play in important role in determining what visuals you need for a killer slideshow presentation.