Content Marketing

Finding the Content How Gap to Skyrocket Your Business Today

Today’s marketplace is crowded for everyone. Most ideas are done. Most products are normally the same. A new breakout invention are great but even then comes the marketing and customer education.

The truth is it has always been this way.

The difference between the brands that make it, the companies that are flourishing and seem to be in hyper “midas touch” growth mode is the fact that somewhere along the way, the growers caught onto something different.

That big something is diving into the Content How

The Content How is the moment that you find your audience and connect on a thriving level. They feed off your expertise and see you as the trendsetter.

Face it. You are either growing or You’re ripe. When You’re ripe you rot.

Even if you just want to go from a 1 or 2 person operation to a 50 person operation, the likelihood of you doing that today is slim without using a strategy that is causing your audience to see your brand or service as the best option or the only option.

The gap that this creates is defined by positioning or marketing. Both terms are thrown around a lot depending on the generation and what theory you subscribe to. USP or unique selling proposition is another term that is often associated within this marketing and positioning conversation.

All of these terms are really trying to describe the same thing.

We Call It “The Content How Gap”

This content gap is where your marketing, positioning, and unique selling proposition are different or not yet developed in the minds of your target audience.

It is the rift that causes your brand to appear as “yet another” and normally just a “service, product, or thing” that doesn’t really solve a problem in a unique way. You just call a plumber when the pipes are clogged moment in your customer’s minds.

Your problem has to be scoped in a different way. You are going to have to break into the minds of your audience.

You want to stand out and identify the problem, even brand it, and definitely brand the solution to it. That doesn’t mean you have a new product or a new solution. You have a new way of educating the market about the solution and product. This is How Content Causes a Tilt or “The Content How Tilt.”

Finding this moment in your audience’s mind where they understand the problem but there is no go to solution. There isn’t that one brand that owns that market and has become the identity of that market. This is the moment that you strike.

You found your How. The how is the driving force behind your brand for now on. It is how you market your content and drive your brand into the next phase of your business.

You take the audience’s own mental gap or disconnect between the problem and the known solution. You cross that road with the familiar (problem) and the new (branded solution) and you market that as your service, brand, and product.

It may seem rigid from this view but you have seen this before…

Take the Case of Content Marketing Institute

They took the disconnected gap in content between branded content, published content, and all the other bad terms out there that were missing their audience and branded the loosely thrown around at the time term of content marketing. That term is now the driving force in many brands, services, and products.

Quickly brands and solution providers were re-branding themselves and their apps to be the content marketing solutions. Large marketing automation companies became widely known for the amount of ebooks they were putting out around this growing term.

Literally inside two years a seemingly new industry was born. That industry was always there. It just had, quite literally, a bad name. So Joe grabbed that information and got the influencers to call it what it was. Marketing with content. That term absorbed all other terms at that point.

Does this exist for every business? Absolutely.

It just takes some major digging and time sifting through your audience’s mind while having knowledge of the marketplace enough to see the disconnects.

Not just anyone can walk up and do this. The major reason this is perfect for you is that you have the industry knowledge needed to do it for your market. I may can market content and grow small business marketing programs but I have to rely on the expertise from the owners and marketing teams I work with. They have to provide the inside industry knowledge that causes the differentiation between “yet another” and the “trendsetter” in the marketplace.

Don’t get bogged down and stuck before you get going. The worse place to be is ready to begin content marketing and not having the “time” to do it or realizing there are some steps you don’t understand yet. Dig and find out how to complete them.

Worse yet is for those of us that have been in this situation. The market where your business or product thrives was really good. You were even good at selling so you grew some business. Customers just called asking for the latest and greatest from you. Then you hit the plateau.

The plateau of being self employed. That plateau where you can’t add more people because the talent that would take you to the next level isn’t really there dying to get into a non-growing stale company. That talent is seeking vibrant growth.

You start finding books and consultants to build your business system and drive your people like robots knowing the entire time that it doesn’t really create the culture that would seek prosperity and growth. There is a different feel to that totally and you know it.

You have to have a standard of operations. You have to have standard methods of operating. These don’t however have to become rigid, “yell til you’re red in the face,” manuals to program your people to do what you want them to do.

These businesses struggle…

The struggle is even there when they have “profits” but still don’t seem to thrive. There is a difference in thriving and gaining ground at seemingly impossible speeds versus just growing.

There is even a bigger gap between starting a service and growing to enterprise or evergreen business levels. These gaps are the gaps that we market to.

Small to Medium business owners that have a small marketing team and are wanting to gain a culture in their organization of high energy forward thinkers that are molding the market to fit them instead of facing the challenges of molding their employees and customers to seek mediocrity and robots.

The difference is obvious.

Everyone will say they want to grow the audience. Everyone will say that they want to take their business to the next level. Few will budget their time accordingly to actually invest their time and money wisely so they can grow with these long term results.

Take away these key points today:

  1. Your Business Has a Unique Quality – You May Just Have to Shape It
  2. Your Audience Has a Disconnect Somewhere Within Solutions to Problems
  3. Your Product Has to Become The Gap Filler
  4. That Gap Filler Becomes The How To Your Content
  5. You Now Grow That Audience Using Your How Moments
  6. Don’t Procrastinate – Find “The Content How Gap”