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How to Come Up with Video Content Ideas for a Startup

Are you trying to come up with ideas of great video content that you can create for your startup? As you may be starting to realize trying to come up with great ideas for videos is a lot harder than it seems – and you may even feel that you’re stuck in a bit of a rut.

Quite frankly there are lots of different ways to come up with good ideas, and all you need to do is find the one that gets you started.

Provide Value to Your Viewers

The best video content for startups will provide value to viewers, and provide them with content that they find interesting and useful. In order to do that however you first need to know more about your viewers – which is why researching your audience is key.

When you research your target audience, try to be as specific as possible. Break your audience down into the demographics based on their age, location, gender, occupation, education level, and so on.

On top of that you should dig deeper and consider the psychographics of your target audience, such as their interests, hobbies, lifestyle, values, and so on. The more information that you can glean about your viewers, the better you’ll be able to figure out what kind of content they’d respond to.

If you want you can create personas for your audience to help you understand your audience better and find ideas for content they would like. Alternatively you could simply try to figure out what they need and want, and develop ideas from that point.

It is worth noting that this approach may not be suited to everyone, and some people prefer to come up with ideas first and then evaluate how appealing they would be to the audience later. In either case it is important to do the groundwork and know more about your audience – as it will prove useful one way or another.

Get Inspiration

As much as it is true that inspiration can take the form of a ‘eureka’ moment that just hits you out of nowhere – it isn’t a good idea to sit around waiting for one of those. Instead, if you want inspiration you should go out and find it.

Some of the places you could try to get inspiration to come up with ideas for video content includes:

  • Blogs and websites related to your startup niche

By looking for blogs and websites that are related to the niche your startup is in, you can go over the type of content that they publish. Don’t just look at videos, as you could adapt ideas from written content or even infographics as well.

Be sure to pay close attention to how visitors respond to the content on the blog. If the content is rated highly and has lots of views and comments – odds are it is the type of content your audience would like as well.

  • Competitors

Another great place to look for inspiration is on your competitor’s websites or social media. It is safe to say that they will share the same audience as you do, and so you can look at the content they’re creating and how viewers respond to it.

As a rule you should never appropriate ideas directly from your competitors, but use it as inspiration. If you come across content of theirs that looks interesting, think about how you could improve it or put a unique spin on it to make it stand out.

In both these cases you should end up with ideas that are based on content that is already performing well – which is a great place to start.

Think Laterally

One of the best ways to get out of a rut is to take a big step backwards and think laterally instead. What that means is that you should go back to the original topic, keyword, idea, or even niche that your startup is in – then start to explore topics that may be tangentially related to it.

Be methodical about it, and map out as many topics that are related in some way to the original one – then explore each individually. Along the way try to think of ideas for video content based on these lateral topics, and whether or not they’d appeal you your target audience.

The main benefit of lateral thinking is that it will let you break out of a rut by removing you from the confines of your current train of thought. In the process it will provide you with a wider swathe of ideas that you can use to create videos.

Final Words

Make no mistake coming up with ideas for startup videos is not an exact science, and it will require time, energy and creativity. Once you do come up with ideas that work you then need to break them down and structure videos out of them, and subsequently record and edit the content itself. In short, you’re still just at the beginning.

The good news is that nowadays that rest really isn’t that difficult, as recording videos is more convenient than ever and there are user-friendly editors such as Movavi Video Editor that you can lean on. Still, try to avoid ideas that are too ambitious, as it is often better to keep things simple – and it will certainly make it easier to create the video if you do.

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