Content Marketing

Is Content Marketing for Your Business?

“Big Content Leads To Bigger Engagement Which Builds Huge Trust”

Story Telling has been one of the key methods for passing history down from one generation to the next since the beginning of time. The engagement created by great stories is the fuel of the internet.

Content Marketing is Story Telling (Selling)

When you look at the core of Content Marketing, it is essentially finding great data to utilize in making a story resourceful, while sculpting the information in a key format to share across multiple channels. It reminds me of my “Grandpa” sharing old stories around the campfire, stories of old western folk lore and cowboy gunslingers.  The stories were always intriguing, yet they always seemed to contain a deeper message…a moral, if you will.

This story telling format has resurfaced and grown a new name. Content Marketing.

The core concepts of our Content Marketing plan are shown in our “Content Marketing Demystified Guide”. You can subscribe and grab a copy to the right.

We walk you through our strategy of making big pieces of content and then distributing various smaller pieces as guest blogs or portions that lead back to the whole. If you go out trying to implement this for yourself, you need to be consistent. Use something like Crosscap to make the most of your marketing spend.

Think of it like this: if you cook a gigantic turkey on Thanksgiving, and then ate only turkey, you would get sick of turkey very quickly. But when you plate it with warm cornbread stuffing, buttery corn, creamy mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, tart cranberries, or any combination of the above, it becomes several meals with endless possibilities and flavors. Turkey for the next day’s lunch, in the form of a toasted turkey sandwich, is hard to beat.  It is the center of Thanksgiving every year for that reason.

Your giant turkey is like the large piece of content you create that is researched and backed by case studies and endless data. You then can take small excerpts from it and form the idea into guest post that leads back to your giant piece of content.  The content can be framed (or plated) with different “sides” to fit the tastes and needs of your target market.

We aim at doing this exact thing for every one of our clients.

3 Major Obstacles We Tackle Every Month for Our Clients

content marketing team

  1. Research and Data

We have an ideation time and find the keywords that you want to “own”, and find all the rankings sites around that subject to learn their social media sharing history and what their readers really seem to like the most. We then begin finding interesting data that can be sculpted into stories to present the data.

  1. Story Creation – Big Piece of Data Driven Content

Huge pieces of content, rich with data driven graphics and authority links, that back up your case studies on the subject. This is all intertwined with a well-crafted, intriguing story talking through the finer points of the topic. Normally several edits and interviews are put into this project.

  1. Amplification and Promotion – Influencers Marketing

We use the list we developed in Phase 1 and then take the large piece of content and gain testimonials around it. We look for large influencers that can hopefully share the landing page to the gated piece of content either via social channels or simply through a guest blog post that we write and submit to their site.

This is quite a tedious process, but well worth it. This will serve to drive interactions, engagement, and social media mentions on a large scale.

The end results are huge bursts in traffic and evergreen content resources that drive lead generation.

If this is process is interesting to you and you want to learn more. Look to your right and go up to the subscribe button. Grab the Content Marketing Guide – Demystifying Content Marketing today.