Content Marketing

Quickfire Content Marketing Lessons From the Experts

Content marketing isn’t new; by some accounts, content marketing has been around for well over a century, and in that time, almost all businesses have learned the benefits of developing content. Yet, just because you recognize that you need content marketing doesn’t mean that you know how to do content marketing right. 

Instead of wasting your time with a diatribe on content marketing basics, we’re going to hit you with nine of the most important content marketing lessons you need to know to find success — starting now.

Content Marketing Has a Golden Rule 

While “do unto others” doesn’t exactly apply in content marketing, the field still has a golden rule: Practice what you preach. If you don’t use the tips and tricks you talk about in your content, if you aren’t happy with your own business’s products and services, your customers won’t be, either. Content marketing only works if you are honest about what your business can do. 

Content Marketing Needs Goals

You can do almost anything with content marketing, which is why you need to direct your efforts with specific goals. In fact, while it is good to have an overall goal for your content marketing strategy, it might be wise to develop smaller goals for each piece of content you create. When you know exactly what purpose the content is filling from the outset, you can develop it for maximum impact. 

Outsourcing Content Marketing Works Wonders

Some experts make it seem like you can practice content marketing successfully in-house — and you can, but it takes abundant time and resources. It is much more efficient to outsource content marketing to a reputable firm like Digital Current, which employs marketers with better training and experience than you could likely afford. Plus, it is valuable to periodically gain outside perspectives on your brand, especially for marketing.

Success in Content Marketing Can Come Fast

It is more than likely that it will take months for you to reach your broad content marketing goals because audiences rarely appear overnight. However, with the right content, you can make great strides. If you want to see your content marketing efforts come to fruition fast, you need to deliver exactly what your audience wants as well as what your audience cannot find elsewhere. Typically, this content is much more extensive than usual content, which means it will take more time and cost a bit more to produce. Fortunately, you can take advantage of that content in multiple forms to further advance your marketing strategy.

Transparency Is the Best Content Marketing Policy

Consumers are acutely aware that your content is always trying to sell them something — be it a product, service or concept — so it is best to be transparent about your marketing efforts to establish trust between you and your audience. Even better, you should strive for transparency with regards to every aspect of your business, clearly communicating your employment practices, your sourcing efforts, your pricing structure and more.

Content Should Always Drive Action

Not all content goals demand that your audience immediately go buy your products; goals for content like educating your audience or even placing backlinks around the web don’t necessarily mean your content has to include a call to action. However, if your content successfully engages a web user, you should always give them the option of continuing to engage. Leaving your audience hanging is like leaving money on the table.

Quality and Consistency Are Key

The internet is chock full of content — so why should your consumer audience gravitate toward your content? You need to go above and beyond to ensure that your content is of the best quality, delivering exactly what your audience wants and needs. What’s more, you need to produce content reliably, on a consistent schedule.

Experimenting With Content Can Expand Reach 

Written content is by far the most common, but that doesn’t mean it is the only content you should create. These days, all sorts of different types of content are increasing in popularity, especially video and audio content. You should consider experimenting with new content forms to reach different corners of your audience. 

You Can’t Forget the Marketing Part

Most of what you read about content marketing focuses on the “content” part, but the “marketing” part is equally as important. You need to promote the content you produce and monitor its performance, so the next content you create can be even better. This is why it is useful to have knowledgeable, skilled content marketers working for you; creating content can be easy, but marketing is always hard.

Content marketing is a field that grows and changes with the internet, but many core rules remain the same. If any of these quickfire lessons have you scratching your head, you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to a qualified content marketer near you to learn more.