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Top Reasons Why You Should Include Instagram in the Growth Strategy for Your Business

Studies have revealed that over 90% of the top 100 brands globally have an active presence on Instagram. As an owner of a business striving to put his business in a high growth trajectory, it is obvious that these brands must have realized the potential benefits of this strategy beyond the opportunity of posting appealing images of their brands. Even though Instagram is a relatively new entrant in the world of social media, it has accumulated a lot of momentum and today boasts of more than one billion monthly active users. While it represents a happy hunting ground for businesses, some of the potential benefits of Instagram for a business deserve special mention:

More Purchasing Power

Instagram has immense sales power, something that is interesting to all businesses desiring a bump in sales. With over one-third of Instagram users using the app to buy products online, the app is immensely desirable to all marketers as clocking up sales tops their agenda. Those who are unable to view the figure of one-third of Instagram users in its correct perspective, need to appreciate that this figure is over 70% that that of non-users of Instagram. To further appreciate the massive potential of Instagram, the number of Instagram users likely to purchase online in absolute numbers is 33.3 million, a population of interested customers no marketer can afford to sneeze at. It will also gladden the hearts of marketers to know that three-quarters of Instagram users take some other action after viewing a post like clicking on the website link, the Contact Us, or any other CTA button. If a large number of these clicks do not translate into purchases at the first shot, it still allows marketers to retarget them with advertisements on Instagram for as long as it takes to convert them into customers.

Advanced Options for Targeting Customers

Building on the experience and technology of its parent, Facebook, Instagram offer marketers one of the most sophisticated targeting options in social media. Depending on what they want, Instagram marketers can target users by multiple parameters like age, browsing behavior, past purchase history, location, gender, interests, and more using the network’s ad platform. It essentially means that marketers can segment their specific target from among the 33.3 million Instagram users with the propensity for shopping online. Mind you, this phenomenal figure represents a population who might not have known or experienced your brand before. Additionally, with the help of the ad platform, you can target those who already know of your brand or business. The typical way, marketers can retarget users who have clicked on your online advertisements or filled up a contact form but have not become a customer yet, is to show them advertisements of your products on Instagram. According to, by retargeting ads, marketers can increase ad responses by as much as four times. Because Instagram has well-developed targeting capabilities that are more advanced than its competitors, marketers have a lot of flexibility to customize their messages to specific audiences and create a more effective sales funnel.

Superior Engagement with Your Brand by Followers

Instagram is an app specifically designed for use on smartphones; its users have tended to more of the younger generation who are savvier on such devices. Since these users also tend to be averagely more affluent, they use Instagram not only to post their photos but to also discover new products. The nature of the platform encourages a lot of engagement on the posts. Since this happens organically, marketers do not have to spend their precious budget on boosting brand engagement. Instagram delivers an optimum value proposition for marketers seeking to boost their brand relationship with potential buyers without any budgetary support. Marketers who need convincing will do well to consider that Instagram delivers a rate of engagement that is 10 times that of its parent, Facebook, and a whopping 84 times that of Twitter. If you are hung up on the number of likes, you will feel cheered by the fact that Instagram users generously offer their likes 3.5 billion times every day. More than any engagement parameter, marketers know that each time a user is liking, commenting, or sharing your post, they are interacting with you, and evincing interest in your brand. If you are a marketer or an influencer in a hurry to boost the engagement rate of your posts, you can buy Instagram likes quite economically. The more frequently a user interacts with your brand, the better he trusts you, and the more likely that he will become your customer.

Better Monitoring of Your Instagram Ad Performance 

The problem of traditional mass media advertising is that it is very difficult to track the performance of advertisement campaigns and figure out the ROI. Because both leads and conversions are easily trackable when you are using Instagram ads, establishing the success of the campaign is easier. While this may seem natural in a platform that uses the same tools as Facebook to manage and monitor ads, surprisingly many marketers invest considerable amounts on social media platforms that do not have the same capability. By using the Ads Manager feature of Instagram, marketers can find out all performance parameters of their Instagram posts right from the number of clicks on the website link in the bio section, to leads and conversions, which make it simple for them to arrive at the results as well as cost per conversion. Additionally, you can break down the analytics to establish parameters like where the customers are located, their age group, their gender, and which devices they used to access your account. These analytics also make campaign managers conduct A/B split testing to establish which ads work the best and deliver an optimal ROI.


In addition to the discussed benefits of using Instagram, one of the main reasons why you should be active on Instagram is to take advantage of the platform’s visual appeal. It is easier to create brand recognition on Instagram than on any other social media. Furthermore, you have the advantage of being able to use all your Instagram data and use the insights across all other channels to promote your campaigns.