Billy the Kid: “I’ll make you famous”



While I intended to be the first to post here, I missed that by a mile. I then took a back seat to the number two spot, so my hope is to get these thoughts down on paper, and claim number three.

Maybe it was my intent all along (wink) as most people are familiar with the power of three.

I don’t have any great links to reference, nor do I have any great wisdom to share as of yet, but bear with me, there’s much to give. At this point, my purpose is simply to provide a glimpse into my feelings about being part of Feedster.

I’ve been a self proclaimed student of copy and marketing for quite some time. Like any good writer worth his salt, I’ve studied the works of the best…Caples, Halbert, Ogilve, Carlton and a brilliant (fairly unknown, although I can’t figure out why) writer named Joanna Wiebe.

I’ve sucessfully written pieces for companies such as Outback Steakhouse, but I haven’t been as excited to be part of something as I am with Feedster.

Let’s put authority and SEO power on the side burner for a spell, and simply talk about what Feedster means to writers.

Well, I guess we can’t actually put this subject aside, as it truly is the power of Feedster that is beneficial. I won’t bore you with tons of numbers and marketing jargon, that’s not my intent. Do a little homework, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Besides…if you research it yourself, you’ll find things that I cannot fake or photoshop. You’ll find the truth.

When the first post went live…we waited. Much to our surprise, it was indexed and ranking in HOURS! I wish I had filmed my face at that moment. I wish I could have written exactly what I felt at that moment, the moment I realized the power of this weapon.

In the movie Young Guns, Billy tells anyone who draws down on him “I’ll make you famous”, and that’s exactly how I felt. Now, I’m not insinuating that posting here will make you famous, but you better bet your muffins that it will be a BIG contributor if you decide to take part. This thing really is a weapon.

We’re still in beta, and yet requests to write for us have poured in. It’s very satisfying to see other writers acknowledge this site, and the hard work that went into it. It’s great to see the desire to be part of it, and I can’t wait to meet and gain new colleagues.

I will cut this thing a bit short, since my only goal was to introduce myself, and thank everyone who decides to take part in our world. I truly look forward to watching this grow, and thank everyone who wants to be part of that growth. It is you, the writers, that will keep this machine oiled up and cranking out power for years to come.