Sales Copy That CONVERTS Prospects Into Buyers

Why You Should Hire An Expert When You Are Writing Sales Copy

You are the expert at YOUR thing, a direct response copywriter is an expert at salesmanship in print (or video). That’s their thing.  In other words, just because you’re great at being an attorney, or a financial advisor, or a real estate investor, or a coach or a consultant to your industry, does not mean that you’re great at writing copy for your website, for direct mail, for landing pages, or even for live presentations. Sales Copy and Sales Copy that Converts are 2 different animals as most have learned when hiring the wrong person.

Guest Post and Hiring Writers
Guest post or Hire writers


While learning to write your own copy is critical if you want to take control of the most important hard skill you can have in business, it takes YEARS of practice, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of testing to get really good. You probably would like to get people to do business with you right now, not years from now.  Right?  If that’s the case, hire an expert (someone who has already paid their dues through years of trial, error, and testing) to get the job done.  Or at least get their eyes on what you write before you put it out there to the public.


Just because you convert very well face to face or on the phone does not mean that your sales skills are so incredible that they transcend the vast differences between a sales conversation that takes place with two people and one that takes place in a much more one-sided fashion. Talking to someone face to face is a sales conversation.  Writing to someone who will read what you have to say is an entirely different skill.  It’s not the same.You’re too close to your own business to write as well as you could. An expert who does NOT know you, will oftentimes write far better converting copy than you would – because they see benefits that you will naturally overlook.  We often don’t see our best qualities or undervalue our own expertise.  This applies to you even if you’ve got a healthy self-esteem.  You just don’t get how awesome you are!

Tips on Writing A press Release
Tips on Writing A press Release

Hiring an expert allows you to put the very BEST message out there to grow your business, while you focus on your unique abilities.  You can focus your energies on the tasks that have proven to be worth the most effort for you as well as the ones that are the most fulfilling for you, while you allow an expert to masterfully convert leads into customers, clients, or patients for you to serve.


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Special Note About Julie and Rebel Enterprise – Will Robins, Executive Managing Editor @ Feedster, Works with Julie for all of his organizations Sales Copy. Conversion is one of the most important factors in doing business online and is often overlooked due to the 40 other things that grab our attention as online entrepreneurs.

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