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American Power and Gas: Green Energy or Fossil Fuels?

As the world moves toward more renewable energy and begins to phase out fossil fuel, American Power and Gas is at the forefront of the movement. Concerned about the environment and the economy, they’ve begun work to improve renewable energy and work toward more sustainable and long-term green energy solutions.

As consumers sit back and watch, the energy revolution is occurring all around them. In the past decade, energy from renewable sources has begun to surge ahead of fossil fuels.

Massive energy consumption in the US and around the world have created the need for long-term and sustainable energy solutions. As of 2008, coal and oil comprise 77% of the energy used for transportation, electricity production, and industrial activity. Currently, the biggest offender of energy consumption in the US is the industrial sectors which contribute to a whopping 80% of usage per year. Public demand for change is the real solution that will bring about a massive shift towards a society that thrives on green and renewable energy sources.

Companies like American Power and Gas are phasing out the way we’ve learned to think of power. The difference is they’re focusing on how to provide sustainable energy without using the fossil fuels that are fast being depleted from our world.

Other Methods Being Updated

As renewable energy is taking a huge leap, there is also billions worth of research being done annually to improve the technology of energy storage that is being utilized to run everything from vehicles to industrial manufacturing facilities and more. Tesla last year Alone spent nearly a billion dollars on research for the renewable energy sector.

No More Gas Wars

American Power And Gas

As early as the 70s they knew that fossil fuels would eventually run out. As consumers lined up to fuel their cars they had to rely on whether or not they had an odd or an even-numbered license plate in order to determine if they could fuel up. Cleary, the industry was already well aware that there was going to be a shortage of fossil fuel. As more people became concerned, new means of locating fuel would quickly take over and solar power and other forms of renewable energy started to gain demand among consumers.

Your Own Personal Power Plant

American Power And Gas

As more people are looking into renewable energy sources, homes and businesses alike are implementing their own power plants. Solar panels are cropping up on roofs, in barnyards, in fields and other locations where the energy can then be transferred to an efficient and portable storage facility.

In just a few short decades, this kind of power will become a reality for many. Get this––American investments into solar and energy alternatives reached over $44 billion in the last 2 years, up 17% over 2014. (That figure includes investments from both private companies and government entities.)

How Will Rapid Advances Change The World?

The world is shifting towards a renewable energy “takeover” with most countries looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with climate-friendly policies. To achieve this, efforts are being made to shift energy production and consumption towards renewable energy alternatives. Technological advances are making the inevitable transition more real every day. Companies like American Power and Gas are disrupting the energy sector for the betterment of the public and the environment.