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How OptiLingo Helped Me Learn A New Language In Record Time

My family is Italian – American Italian, that is. My parents can get by with the little Italian they picked up from their parents as they were growing up. But for me? I don’t speak any Italian. I was never good at languages and figured maybe the ability to learn a new language skips every generation. I always enjoyed hearing stories from my grandparents about the old country, and of course, their Italian accent is engrained in my memory. But up until recently, the idea of learning Italian was just a pipe dream. Maybe a fun hobby in my golden years.

But then I got an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. My company decided to transfer me to an exciting position in Rome. They wanted to bring me onto their Roman team. Moi – a guy who doesn’t speak any Italian! I was thrilled that I would have a chance to reconnect to my Italian heritage, as well as introduce a bit of the old country to my wife and kids.

I only had a few months to prepare for the transition. Not just me of course, but my wife and kids as well. My wife and I wanted our family to feel comfortable about the move and figured learning the language would be a great place to start. We decided to learn Italian as a family. We signed up for OptiLingo on the strength of the reviews. That first week, all four of us were speaking several words and phrases in Italian. The lessons were short – just 30 minutes, five-days a week. Certain days one of us wouldn’t have as much time, so we’d truncate the lesson into 15 minutes.

The program is fantastic. My wife, kids, and I had so much fun learning about Italian culture that we decided to have an Italian cooking day every Saturday. My wife and I prepare the Italian meal, and the four of us practice our Italian skills over dinner. Pizza, spaghetti, nothing fancy – just something that gets us into that state of mind.

Before OptiLingo and the Guided Immersion method, we were already excited about the move to Italy and gung-ho about learning Italian. Of course, as with any new project you usually have more enthusiasm at the beginning. Perhaps that’s why I never saw previous language programs through to completion in the past. I got bored or discouraged when it wasn’t working. Not in this case. This program keeps your enthusiasm up because you are given a ton of encouragement and plenty of opportunity to learn new material, as well as a review of previously introduced material. It’s true, you really can learn a language in hours – not years. As long as you have the right system. I’m a believer now!

Our trip is still a couple months away, and I’m confident my family and I will be ready to seize this fantastic opportunity, all thanks to this program.

How OptiLingo Helped Me Learn A New Language In Record Time


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