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Your business could benefit from online booking software from BookedIn. A perfect solution for taming that appointment schedule. BookedIn not only allows you clients to book an appointment online but also supports multiple leaders and client history. They also over features that keep you in the now with a comprehensive mobile app. Take control of your schedule and appointments on the go as well as the ability to sell services from your phone instantly. Integration is something else BookIn does well and help life run smoothly. Their two-way calendar sync feature keeps your calendar updated on Google,, iCloud, Office365 or Microsoft, all in real time. Get ranked in searches easier because of BookedIn. Your scheduling pages and directory listing work to move your business up the ranks, so people searching on google, yahoo or bing will find you.  Keeping it simple is what BookedIN does best and you will have the ability to easily embed your booking calendar or a button into any type of website, including WIX and WordPress. You will even be able to accept an appointment from your facebook page.

Who is BookedIN meant for? BookedIn is the best solution for scheduling available and the kinds of industries that use the service are diverse. They can range from massage therapists, spas and tattoo artists to pet groomers or chiropractors. Anyone who needs to be seen by appointment will find relief by utilizing BookedIn.  One of the most common uses for BookedIn is salon scheduling. Salons rely on keeping up to date accurate appointments with their clients. No customer wants to wait when they scheduled last week. BookedIN is also intuitive and easy for clients to use. Making it ideal for salon websites. Clients are able to browse Salon services and book the stylist of their choice 24 hours a day.  They can even pay for services ahead of time with easy and secure online payments with credit, debit and now even PayPal.

BookedIn has changed the game for some Salon owners. Clients have stated that they can spend more time taking care of salon customers instead of managing the appointment book. It frees up your time so you can spend it on your real focus, your customer. BookedIn also helps salon owners update and keep track of staff availability right there from the cloud-based calendar. Easily being able to switch between calendar gives you more control. BookedIn keeps clients in the loop with automatic reminder emails so they never miss an appointment. This feature helps cut down on no-shows or last minute cancellations. Meaning you can fill that appointment slot with another customer. Less time wasted on missed appointments mean more time to keep you doing your best work. The cost of BookedIn means it will end up paying for its self over and over again. Right now you can try BookedIn for free.  30 days of the most innovative feature-rich scheduling and appointment manager. The trial comes with no obligation. Cancel anytime during the first month.

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