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New Innovative eCommerce Technology for Suppliers

A new way for individual institutional buyers to restock from suppliers has emerged. The punchout catalog allows faster and more accurate purchasing of needed items for universities, hospitals, and corporations. GreenWing Technology makes it simple for both buyers and suppliers to start using this improved e-commerce system. The professional team at GreenWing take the time to walk clients through the entire process and will have your new system working within days. Unlike their competitors, they offer all the information to clients in a simple informative way that answers any question a client has. All of GreenWing’s catalogs are hosted on their secure cloud environment. So customers never have to worry about losing information or experiencing security issues. Their technology will keep your company ahead of the curve and all at no extra cost to you.

What exactly does this new punchout ecommerce provide for clients? Before punchout catalogs, suppliers and buyers used CIF catalogs, which lack flexibility and that can cause supply delay. With GreenWing Technology punchout catalogs suppliers will receive payments faster using electric purchase orders and invoices. This also benefits buyers by drastically improving accurate POs and invoices. Some of GreenWing’s clients have seen 60-day payment terms change to 3-day payment terms. Accuracy is extremely important to institutional buyers. Large amounts of supply products can be a hassle to keep track of at both ends. With punchout catalogs that process becomes easier to manage. Each cataloged is maintained at location meaning shipping discounts pricing information and product availability is all up to dated. Giving users full control.

A punchout catalog also reduces maintenance for suppliers. By having control over your own catalog eliminated the need for constant updates of hosted catalogs for multiple buyers. That gives you a lot of freedom to focus on supplying your buyers and no on trying to keep track of running your catalog. This will also increase customer retention. Becoming punchout enabled gives your buyers a better shopping experience and much more flexibility. Which means they won’t be searching out your competitors. Buyers benefit a lot from this enhanced shopping experience. Everything can be streamlined because you can fully control the look and layout of your catalog. Punch-out catalogs can also look exactly like your existing website. Providing buyer a familiar look and feeling of continuity.

GreenWing Technology also makes it easy to transition existing hosted e-commerce catalogs with our cXML Translation Hub. What is cXML? It is the industry standard for procurement systems based on the original XML communication developed in the 90’s. This all is just the way transactions are sent and received between a buyer and the supplier’s system. The cXML Translation Hub offers a way to convert all of your catalog information and purchase orders into one standardized format. You can convert from XML, xCBL, and EDI. GreenWing is happy to help any client navigate their way through the transition with expert efficiency. They have made it possible for any size organization to connect to e-Procurement systems. These systems used to be exclusively used by large multinational companies. Now by bringing down the cost of new technology makes it cost effective to open your company to brand new markets.