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The Definitive Guide to Easily Make Instructional Videos with Wondershare DemoCreator

A video that elaborates detailed information on a specific topic, recorded to provide comprehensive data to deal with a challenge, is known as an instructional video. The video is supposed to deliver knowledge, a procedure to do something, or a briefing concept.

It structures a specific topic to be explained by an expert or professional to help the audience find a solution to their search intent. Instructional videos are helpful as the key method to deliver content.

The concept of instructional videos is not bound to the experts; only anyone from any industry can create an instructional video to guide the audience.

There are a variety of instructional videos so you can try to record tutorial videos:

  • Micro videos-short videos not more than a minute
  • Tutorial videos-used for teaching purposes up to 10 minutes long
  • Training videos-for training purposes to improve skills
  • Explainer videos-for explaining any specific concept within 2 minutes
  • Presentation videos-for the purpose of recording videos to watch again 
  • Screencast videos– fast and casual videos for a smaller audience for a definite purpose 

Making an instructional video using a screen recorder

To start making an instructional video, you need to get familiar with screen recording software to record and edit your video efficiently. DemoCreator is the most efficient screen recording software available and accessible for free.

1: Write a storyboard and script:

Before creating a video, you need a storyboard and a script for the video content. It engages the audience to give them a clear concept so you may deliver quality content. 

First of all, you need to select the topic, analyze your targeted audience, and then create a storyboard to plan and present an innovative video. People find it engaging when storyboards are added to the video.

A script is helpful for you to convey our message effectively in a short duration. It also helps you to include all the relevant information. 

2: Recording the screen

Before starting recording your screen, you need to close all other applications running at that time to avoid pop-up notifications. Now are ready to open the screen for recording that you want to display to your audience as your video content.

Click on the DemoCreator app to record your screen. If anything happens unintentionally, you can rectify the mistake by breaking the recording process and starting again before the error. The editing features are easy to apply.

If you want to have more audience engagement and interact with you and your content simultaneously, you can also add a webcam recording. 

Recording your audio

The exciting feature of DemoCreator software enables you to record your audio for the video to enhance its content.  

Recording your webcam

You may have seen the video on YouTube and other social media platforms that people record webcam videos on their content for interaction. DemoCreator allows you to record the screen with a webcam. 

Advance setting option

There is an option available to change the DemoCreator screen recorder setting by adjusting the setting options: general, encode, and short cut. You can change and adjust the resolution and quality of your video by advanced settings.

Screen Drawing Tool

Wondershare DemoCreator also includes a screen drawing toolkit that enables you to perform real-time as well as post production screen drawing functionalities right from the software recording interface.

You can enable this with a single slider button situated at the below end of the screen recording window as follows:

Spotlight Effect

Meanwhile, you can perform recording and draw on-screen at the same time with Wondershare DemoCreator, the best part is that you can also spotlight your recording screen with a single button available to you within the menu bar of this screen drawing tool as follows:

3: Style: Editing Content

It is not necessary to hire a professional for editing your videos and paying them high amounts. You can do editing done by using perfect software with all the unique and essential features for editing.

DemoCreator is a free-to-download tool with a user-friendly interface and easy to use; it enables you to do editing in simple ways. If you find your video content unattractive, you can make changes by editing the video using the editing features of DemoCreator.

You can trim, cut, add; annotations, caption, stickers, transitions, and green screen background to enhance the appearance. You can edit the frame size, audio speed, and animations.

You can customize the title, introduction, and captions to give an attractive look to your videos. Using the icons on the left corner.

editing feature

4: Recording Your Narration

When you are done with editing, you can polish your video by adding audio narration. You can adjust the clip speed and prolong the frame to match the flow of audio with video.

Once you are done with the script and storyboard, you should step into a narration. For this, DemoCreator is very beneficial in this regard. It is a built-in feature and very easy to use. You can also insert your voice-over using the Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder.

5: Audio Fade in and Fade out Effect

With Wondershare DemoCreator video editor, you can opt for the audio editing feature as well that allows you to do the audio fading to smooth or pressurize your audio file accordingly.

To do that, simply click on your specific audio file within the timeline and select the Edit Audio option from the list as follows:

Wondershare Democreator- edit-audio

You can perform the Fade-in effect to your audio by adjusting the left-side slider on your audio file as follows:

Wondershare Democreator- fade-in

To perform the Fade-out effect on your audio file, alter the right-side slider within the audio file available within the timeline of Wondershare DemoCreator as follows:

Wondershare Democreator- fadeout

6: Export your video & share:

Once you have finished creating the informational video and editing it, you can now save it to share on social media. The file can be saved into the format as MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, MP3.


The instructional videos have multiple types, but the purpose is the same for each video. The primary objective is to make easily understandable content, and the audience can learn from the video.

This can be done using Wondershare DemoCreator recording software. It gives a creative and unique appearance to your content. DemoCreator is the best screen recording software for making videos.

Its features are effortless and easy to use. You can manage cumbersome tasks with the flow. DemoCreator is a screen recorder software with a built-in video editor.

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