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Top 5 Effects of Green Buildings on Businesses and Workforce!

Promoting the green initiatives on business and workplace can increase productivity. According to the reviews and studies in scientific literature indicates there are a lot of effects still it is challenging to gain profit.

Let us first know about the green workplace. The green workplace is defined as the sensitive environment, efficient resource and socially responsible. It means from the corporate perspective that easily fits under sustainability concept. There are lots of surveys linking the sustainability of workplace and employee engagements.

Top 5 Effects of Green Buildings on Businesses and Workforce!

Now we can learn about how this green building should be? According to the LEED Green Building Council certification program, a building that ventilated properly and where there is no toxin is called green building. While some organizations say a building that does not leave carbon footprints can conserve energy and do recycling is a green building.

We make all effort to cool, heat and light the office with minimum energy required and uses building control measures to ensure the systems whenever needed only. All the sealants, carpet, adhesives, paints and furniture some companies purchases that have less volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. These both have some adverse effect on the air quality of indoor and for a long-term health condition. Also, some people look for sustainable materials which are manufactured locally, have high recycling content and no environmentally harmful materials.

The public institutions like universities and libraries have intended to create green buildings more, and these private sectors are following that. The studies show when we compare working of the non-green building with occupants of the green building, on an average:

  • Higher is the cognitive functioning score
  • Higher is the crisis response scores
  • Higher the application activity level that reflects once able to make a certain decision that helps to achieve aims of workplace
  • Higher focused activity score level; it reflects the ability for paying attention to the tasks
  • Higher the sleep quality

As the employees spend the majority of their by working inside the building, that is the reason why job applicants are considering green building more while interviewing. The environment of workplace contributes towards his or her performance, overall health, engagement level and accomplishment 

Here are the effects of green building on business and workplace in details:

Top 5 Effects of Green Buildings on Businesses and Workforce!



  • Health and productivity


Many scientific studies have shown various workplace and business facilities to weigh the impact on the performance of human by speed and comprehension, multiplication speed, learning, signal recognition, word memory, typing speed and responds on signal timing. All these tasks contribute to the productivity.

Here are the findings some:

  • There is a higher level of a link in between indoor quality of air and allergic and asthma symptoms of one. It is important that 20% of the population of US suffers from environmental allergies and 6% have asthma.
  • More the level of carbon dioxide means the lesser rate of ventilation that causes headaches, fatigue and increases the level of other sick building syndromes. You can check whether employees show less performance during the computerized testing in reaction time.
  • The performance does mutterers with temperature change. Higher the productivity is at around 22degree Celsius.
  • But the lighting of an office has mixed impact. As per the study was done in a school, 16 to 26% daylight or window area studying is preferred more.
  • Health care maintenance also showed a strong correlation with the productivity level of employees.  


  • Lesser Overall cost


Apart from the misconception that green buildings cost you more than others, even if they do while lower lifetime operating cost makes construction cost extra worthwhile. It is always the cheapest option while combing the initial cost with operating cost. It is very important a tenant must remember while analyzing a building design. So they must think about the initial cost as well as operating cost. Studies have always shown the operating cost is more than the initial cost.

Top 5 Effects of Green Buildings on Businesses and Workforce!


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When you think about the right things, you can do for employees and customers who are responsible towards the company to do right things for its environment. It is an integral part of any corporate culture. A lot of companies wants to build and assist in attracting and retaining the employees by going green.


  • Global Warming


The science indicates certain indisputable facts, like:

  • The increased Co2 level is the major cause of a green building effect
  • A coal-fired plant used for generating electricity is the biggest emitter of CO2
  • The commercial building uses more electricity than others

In fact to alleviate global warming is just impossible to even without the cooperation of users of the commercial building throughout the world. That shows the importance of using less electricity by the buildings.

Moreover, many green buildings produce their power at least by keeping the backup system of power built in. When a shortage of power comes, the companies will operate its business which is a real advantage.


  • Green Construction


Constructing a building has also got weather impact. In the construction sector, it has become responsible for 23% of air pollution inside, and all that from sources to production material to transportation to actual construction work affect the environment.

In green building mostly sustainable materials are used and renewable like bamboo rather than hardwood which help to preserve the forest ecosystem and keeps trees more to filter the carbon dioxide content of the air.

The green design improves the quality of air of the building by including vegetation that cleans the air and uses material which releases less contaminant only like I said volatile organic compound and the formaldehyde. It helps in improving the health of the working people who spend a lot of time in the structure and environment.

These constructions produce a lot of wastage that green building avoids doing that. A green design uses only recycled materials, avoids sending more resources to the landfills and even sometimes repurposes existing structure for avoiding demolition.

These all studies have shown a greater effect of green building on the workplaces and businesses. Green building helps the environment, keeps employees engaged more and contributed overall.

Top 5 Effects of Green Buildings on Businesses and Workforce!