Why Cybersecurity matters when choosing web hosting providers

Why Cybersecurity matters when choosing web hosting providers

Cybersecurity as an issue of government security

In this hyperconnected world cybersecurity is a matter of international security and governments are going to great lengths and spending large sums of money, the US alone spends billions of dollars yearly, to protect sensitive government data from getting breached and protecting vulnerable military equipment from malicious cyber attacks that could jeopardize the safety of all humanity. Governments are not the only ones that are vulnerable to cyber attacks, so are individuals and businesses. These potential attacks can have a huge financial cost for these companies and individuals but also have a negative impact on one’s image or brand. So cybersecurity should be taken seriously and we should take a more proactive approach to online security issues. 

Innovation exposes vulnerabilities 

Cybersecurity is a matter of paramount interest if we want to stay safe from malicious attacks and should be taken more seriously than we have up till now. The internet of things (IoT) which basically refers to the devices that we use everyday that connect to the internet and communicate with each other are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks and their vulnerabilities can be easily exploited. AI and Machine Learning is a great tool to develop and create smarter devices that can better serve needs and offer solutions to everyday problems but these technological developments create vulnerabilities that should not be ignored. Everybody is interested in launching the next best product and with innovation comes the opportunity for exploitation. These devices make our lives easier but this should not be achieved at the cost of users security and privacy.  

Web hosting and Cybersecurity – you get what you pay for 

The internet is a very interesting place but it is also very vulnerable to malicious attacks and that is why there is so much demand on data security and user privacy. Everything is vulnerable in some way no matter how much you spend on data security, so you should always be updating your devices and using the best which in most cases means the most expensive cybersecurity options. 

When it comes to most things you usually get what you pay for and web hosting is no exception. When you are sorting through the best web hosting companies for your website, analysts such as Adriaan Brits and his team at Sitetrail take into consideration how good their level of cybersecurity is. For example there are popular companies like Godaddy that profit from selling cheap initial packages that only offer basic features – not fully covering your cybersecurity needs. This means that when you do want to upgrade the security on your website- and you definitely will, you end up paying more money in the form of much more expensive add-ons. Choosing a web hosting company that might seem more expensive in comparison can ultimately offer you the level of security you are looking for and cost you less in the long run as you will avoid exposing your website’s vulnerabilities to potential threats. 

How to determine that your Web Host is the best 

It can be a little overwhelming when choosing the right web hosting company, so some of the most important criteria to consider is definitely reliability and a guaranteed up-time, fast load speed, specialty services and a high level of support so you can always get a quick reply when you’re in trouble. 

You should most definitely add security to the list of important criteria, making sure that your web host is taking proactive measures and scanning your website for vulnerabilities. you should also try to find a web host that can help you out when there is a security breach to help clean out your website and these features usually cost more than a basic web hosting package. You can also try to find a web host that offers basic but necessary features such as a free ssl certificate that not all companies offer.  

How to get the best out of your cybersecurity features 

It is best to be proactive and secure your website from future security breaches and privacy attacks that you might not be fully aware of at the moment. There are two popular methods that can help keep your website safe: penetration testing also called ethical hacking and pen-testing and malware removal. 

Penetration testing is discovering, in a controlled environment, the possible vulnerabilities on your website and how future hackers can exploit them so you can keep your website safe from possible attacks. 

Malware removal is a tool that can help you clean up your website from bugs and viruses from previous security breaches and help restore your hacked systems. 
Thus having a service that provides penetration testing and malware removal that offers advanced cybersecurity features might cost more but will help keep your website safe and protected from any attempts to exploit its vulnerabilities.

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