7 Must-Have Vape Accessories to Try Now

If you are a regular vaper then there are certain accessories you can buy that will improve your vaping experience.

Here are some must-have vape accessories you should consider buying to help take your vaping to the next level.

#1: Microfibre Cloths

For those new to vaping you may have a confused look on your face after reading our first suggestion.

Microfibre cloths are more commonly used to help clean dirty screens or lenses. However, they can also be used to keep your e-cig clean too.

When compared with a regular cloth, microfibre cloths have much finer fibres so wont leave behind as much dust or lint.

A common issue with e-cigs is that they wont work because of excess dust. Cleaning with a microfibre cloth can ensure this wont be a problem for you anymore. A clean vape is a more efficient device.

These cloths are cheap, and can be bought in bulk online and in your local superstore. So there really is no excuse not to have a few stashed around your home ready to be used when needed.

#2: Portable USB Charger

Another common problem with e-cigs is a short battery life.

A solution for this problem comes in the form of portable USB chargers that you can use to charge your device.

Most portable USB chargers can be charged in a few short hours, and can provide you with power for your vape when you are out and about all day. Perhaps at a festival for example.

Another good option would be to buy a car charger that will allow you to charge your vape simply by plugging your device into your cars USB or charging port.

This is a handy option for those who wish to charge their device on their way to work or event.

#3: Silicone Mat

If you need to take apart your vape device then you will need to have something available to keep all the separate pieces safe in one place. A silicone mat is the perfect accessory for this.

As the mats are made from silicone the individual parts wont roll around and get lost.

There are even mats available with slightly raised edges to ensure your stuff does not fall off the side, plus some with indentations to allow you to stand up parts of your vape.

Being able to stand up your vape makes refilling them so much easier.

You can even use a silicone mat in your car to ensure your vape is secure and wont fall onto the floor and break.

#4: Extra Batteries

Despite your best efforts there will likely come a time when you are out and about with a vape that has run out of battery life.

This may seem like a simple solution, but you would be amazed at how many people forget to carry around an extra battery or two to power their vapes.

Extra batteries can be picked up cheaply in bulk online, with most local stores stocking them too.

#5: Vape Storage

After a while of vaping you may accumulate a lot of different accessories, from mods to e-liquids.

Would it not be better to have them all in one place rather than randomly found in places around your home?

Vape storage is a good way to organise these accessories in one place.

There are also travel kits available, that are a must-have for anyone who want to keep their favourite device safe while out and about.

#6: Tool Kit

If you are customising your own vapes and coils then you will need a good quality tool kit.

These kits should contain everything you need to customise your vape, so tools like tweezers, pliers, screwdrivers and measurement accessories are a must.

#7: Unicorn Bottle

These small plastic bottles make it so much easier for vapers to carry around their e-juice and to fill up your vape tanks on the go.

To use all you have to do is remove the cap and squeeze whichever e-liquid you want into the bottle. These bottles are translucent so that you know how much juice is left.

In Conclusion

The above-suggested products are must-haves for anyone who vapes. They are affordable and can be used daily to improve your overall vaping experience.

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