Top Homeschooling Tips to Make a Habit This Pandemic

With more and more children being forced to learn from home due to the pandemic, top tuition site ​Tutor House ​has outlined their top tips for parents trying to make the most of their child’s homeschooling regime.

Create a routine

Although learning from home is far from what children will have been used to at school, it’s important to mimic features of the school day to get your child in the right mindset to learn. For example, try to start and finish school work at the same time each day.

Even doing something as simple as having lunch at the same time is a great way to provide your kids with a familiar structure that can help when bridging the gap between home and school.

Familiarise yourself with your child’s syllabus

If you are supervising the homeschool routine, one of the best ways to help your child is to get to grips with what they’re studying.

Make sure you’re aware of any upcoming assessments they have, what topics they are covering in each subject, and try to brush up on your knowledge so you can be of use if your child comes across any problem areas. This is a great way to get involved in the homeschooling process and can be hugely beneficial to your child’s education.

Clear a space

Whilst it can be a challenge to integrate schooling into your home life, creating a separate space for your child to study can help when they’re trying to learn from home. Even if you don’t have enough room to dedicate a whole room to homeschooling, even a bright clean corner or workspace can help children focus on their school work.

Regular breaks

It may be tempting to skip the breaks and cram all the schoolwork into a shorter amount of time. However, studies have shown that the human brain can only focus for a very limited amount of time. By breaking up the school day and incorporating regular breaks, your child’s study time will be far more productive.

Children who receive regular breaks can refocus on their studies more effectively yielding more efficient learning periods as opposed to stretching out study time for longer.


Just like sport is a key component of the school curriculum, make time for exercise during a homeschooling day. This doesn’t necessarily mean organised sporting activities, you could go for a walk, follow a dance video on YouTube, skip, roller skate or run around outside.

Getting the body moving increases blood flow around the body and to the brain, helping not only to keep your child healthy but also to refocus on their studies with renewed concentration afterwards.

Make use of online resources

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be boring. With the huge range of resources and interactive study aids out there, you can easily make homeschooling more fun than regular school. Use sites like YouTube to find fun explainer videos on certain subject topics, encourage the use of educational apps like Duolingo for languages and make time for these educational games to break up the monotony of the school day.

Incorporate new ways to learn

Take advantage of the flexibility and freedom homeschooling allows, and encourage your child to pursue new ways to learn. Try and include everyday practical skills and tasks into your homeschooling timetable and give your child options to enhance their studies.

For example give them 3 options such as painting, reading or puzzle making for them to choose from. This allows your child to feel in control of a certain aspect of their day and can help them exercise their creativity and decision-making skills.

Book a lesson with a homeschool tutor

If you notice your child struggling with a certain subject that you really can’t get help with, why not book in a regular 1-hour session with a dedicated online tutor to help your child overcome any problems they are facing and mix up the school day.

Sites like ​Tutor House offer experienced online tutors from as little as £20/hr and can support your child to gain confidence and continue to improve their knowledge whilst they are away from the classroom.

Healthy diet

Whilst this might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to homeschooling, a healthy diet can greatly improve your child’s capacity to learn whilst keeping them nourished from the inside out. Studies have shown time and time again that what we eat can affect everything from our moods to our energy levels.

Providing your child with healthy balanced meals throughout their school day can help them maintain concentration. Be sure to steer clear of energizing sugary sweets that might be detrimental to your homeschooling efforts.