Why NCERT Solutions is a Basic For All CBSE Students

NCERT stands for National Council For Educational Research and Training which is an organization by the government of India. It’s an independent organization that focuses on Educational upliftment for the country.

The one sole objective of this organization is to impart knowledge and make a common education system throughout the country. NCERT makes the syllabus and prescribed books published by them to CBSE. They also help students by providing them NCERT solutions. 

NCERT solutions consist of textbooks, solved exercises, audio-visual help, teaching materials, reference materials, etc. They also organize national level examinations and other exam necessary materials for school-level students. 

The solutions provided by NCERT are based on concepts. The questions and patterns of questions students face are generally conceptually based.

NCERT always follows the latest syllabus and that is why a student of CBSE board always has advantages when giving any national level examination. The base of knowledge should be strong, and this single motto has made CBSE popular among Indians.

The NCERT solutions are not only a help to the students, but it also aims at helping teachers. Authorities always urge teachers and students not to just memorize the answers but understand the basic concepts that have led to the particular answer. 

Should You Practice NCERT Solutions Daily?

We all know the common saying, “practice makes a man perfect”. Well, this means you should practice exercises from textbooks but also from the solutions and reference books.

The habit of practicing the exercises daily will help you score good marks in school exams and also any national level exam. It would be wise if you start comparing the solutions provided by your teachers once one’s provided by NCERT to check whether they are similar or not.

This will help to understand your position before the exams. It will help you check if you are surely following the NCERT guideline and whether it is or not. 

Try to write answers on your own within your stipulated time. Then check if the answers are meeting the basic core of the NCERT solutions. In this way, you will be able to keep track of your study and also be able to check your level of accuracy. 

These Solutions are available all over the internet. Alos, these solution copies are provided to the school authorities to help the teachers. You will be able to learn about the solutions from your teachers.

This will be easier for you to understand the concept. Make a habit of learning something new every day. You should list all your problems and then ask your teacher about it. In this way, you will be able to clear your queries.

After you solve the exercise, compare them with the solutions provided by school or free NCERT Solutions by Vedantu because this will help you find out the tiniest information that you might have missed. Make a plan, and work on it.

For instance, if you choose maths, practice 2 sums from each chapter every day, and in this way, you will be able to score good marks in maths. 


As students, it is not a duty to make the motto of spreading knowledge by NCERT successful. If you do not utilize the solutions provided by NCERT, what’s the utility.

Therefore, remember, practice the solution thoroughly and you will surely be able to score well marks. Download the solutions if you are not provided the solutions from your school.

Also, you can attend live sessions conducted by NCERT to help students achieve good marks in the exam. NCERT provides solutions from class 1 to 12, hence, you never will have to face any issues regarding this!

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