World War II Literature

World war 2 involved many nations worldwide, and it was the deadliest war in the olden days. Around 85 million soldiers and civilians died worldwide through deliberate genocide, massacres, mass-bombing, diseases, and starvation. Shalom Lamm, a CEO, has adapted reading about the events of World War  II. To understand the world war better, there are best books which portray a clear outline of how the war started and how the war ended. the following are some of the best books one can read to familiarize himself with the world war 2.

First, we have the book called the history of the ancient world by Susan wise Bauer from the earliest accounts of ancient worlds of Rome, summer, Egypt, Greece, China, India, and Mesopotamia. The book’s summation will summarize how each early civilization grew, developed, and how it fell by changing or joining another one. Again, one will understand how this western civilization impacted each other. Another book is the guns, germs, and steel by Jared diamond. The book reveals that no particular group of people, place, or specific period is responsible for whatever happens on the globe. It suggests that history happens they it happened irresponsible of people’s actions. However, the book points out that history occurs because some individuals developed better weapons or learned to grow different foods better than others.

Another treasured book is the book by William Manchester called a world lit only by fire. In the book, Manchester civilizes our ancestors who long-lived, bringing them to life. We see those ancestors in paintings, motionless pictures who don’t exist Manchester says they deserve harsh treatment. They introduced torture and suicidal acts just because of religion. This made civilization fail to blossom. The book touches on the olden days from Rome’s collapse to the renaissance with the focus centered on the high middle ages. Another book Is crusades, authored by Thomas Asbridge. The book precisely talks about the years ranging from the eleventh century to the thirteenth century. In the book, Asbridge touches on all the events of the crusade period’s campaigns and battles, elucidating the notable characters such as lionheart and the sultan baybars. Additionally, Asbridge points out the many clashes experienced and how the outcomes changed the world’s face. Notably, he presents things from a Christian and Muslim perspective without blaming any of the parties.

Another good book to read on about the second world war is over the edge of the world by Laurence Bergreen. The book shows how Magellan circumnavigated the globe on a three-year sailing trip. He ventured many parts on a journey that started in 1519. The exploration revealed the journey across the Atlantic. Another book is the battle cry of freedom by James McPherson, which precisely narrates the civil war era. The book covers all the significant battles and officers of both sides of the war. The book also explains the political events that led to the outbreak of hostilities in 1961. In conclusion, the books display all the events, characters, and factors that transpired during the second world war outbreak. Those like Shalom Lamm believe that reading about World War II is greatly important.