4 Ways to Leverage Magento

It is hard for most small businesses to drive sales by just setting up a new eCommerce platform. There are numerous eCommerce sites on the internet, and you need to stand out from the competition to get customers and earn brand loyalty. To acquire this unique position, you need to use Magento Commerce. This platform allows you to create your eCommerce site with little knowledge in programming. Since the software is open source, it has numerous features that let you get the most out of your eCommerce business. Here is how to get the most out of Magento.
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Merchandise to Improve Average Order Value

Magento Commerce offers an easy-to-use product relations feature that is rule-based to allow you to upsell and cross-sell for maximizing order size. Cross-selling is particularly significant when products have to be used with certain related items, and these associations need to be precisely communicated. The visual merchandising tools let you simply sort categories, making it possible to show your top items at the top of your web pages. In case you need reordering, you can do that manually. Also, you can utilize visual merchandising tools to form categories on the basis of Automated Rules that are created using item attributes. This offers time savings as it helps you in the creation of a catalog that is refined based on your particular needs and preferences.
Additionally, you can boost the value of the order by leveraging the Elasticsearch feature. But you need a plan to obtain the most out of it. You can utilize intelligent search platforms such as SLI Systems and Klevu, which put heavy emphasis on SEO applications, recommendations, search, navigation, and merchandising.

Boost Traffic with Content

Adding unique content on a regular basis is an effective method of driving traffic to your eCommerce site. This is a DIY that will assist your site to rank better organically in search results while resulting in a higher ROI. In case you already possess content, you can optimize it. Do this by deleting irrelevant content. You can also update relevant content to ensure search engines don’t deem it as less relevant and old. Do this by consolidating multiple short postings into few long-form ones. Google favors long-form content. Remember to check your links, especially if you have changed your service page or portfolio page name. The links require updating and ensuring they direct users to authoritative sites. Additionally, ensure you include social share buttons for your users.

Utilize Loyalty Features to Grow the Lifetime Value of the Client

To grow the lifetime value of the client, you will require building on your existing brand loyalty. There are numerous ways for you to approach this. For instance, you can provide your current clients with a particular amount of store credit with every purchase made. You can also create a reward point system, like $11 coupon for each $120 spent by a client. Another great way of growing the customer lifetime value is by implementing a referral code system. This works to boost the brand awareness of your firm. The goal is to provide rewards that keep the clients coming back. Magento 2 provides a creative reward system for you to benefit.

Capitalize on Client Reviews

Client reviews are excellent since they are user-generated and need very minimal work on your part. All you require is asking clients for the merchant and product reviews, or let them comment on your Q&A page. Magento Commerce has in-built product reviews, but you can get more tools for leveraging user-generated content from Yotpo. You will also require taking advantage of merchant reviews. You can do this through services such as Shopper Approved.


Magento can help you grow your online business, and it’s a great starting point for anyone looking to get into eCommerce. Later on, if you decide you need something more, you can check out something like Mageworx. This is a marketplace for Magento extensions, SEO services, custom development, and more. But for starters, give it a try – there’s a free version with tons of potential and flexibility.