Is It Worth to Start Shopify Stores in 2020?

In the past years, tech companies have showcased a lot of advancements in the current state of technology. Innovations are being born almost every day if you will check Kickstarter posts.

With these advancements, our lives have changed as well. We now do almost everything online using our desktops, laptops, and mobile phones.

Email addresses and social media accounts have become a necessity for us to be able to enjoy services online. But what about businesses? How were they impacted by technological advancements? The answer is Shopify stores.

Online Stores in 2020

As the technologies advance, more and more companies are competing to release products that will be of help to the consumers.

E-commerce platforms have started emerging years ago and now they are better than ever. You can now start your business using a laptop or even a mobile phone. It has become that easy!

E-commerce platforms such as Shopify stores have made it easy for businesses to establish their brand and sell products online. Shopify is one of the most used and well-known platforms for starting a website to sell your products.

You may have to pay for a subscription but that is just a minuscule amount compared to what the platform can offer.

You have the freedom to customize your website to your taste or choose from their wide variety of ready to use themes, some themes are paid, and some are free.

If you’re techy and know your way around coding, you can design and build your Shopify store on your own.

The most important thing is that Shopify stores provide a platform where transactions can be made, and the customer’s purchasing process is automated.

You’ll just be notified that you have received an order, you pack it, you change the order status, and then ship the product.

Your online inventory will be updated automatically as well, so customers will know if the item is sold out and will not be able to place an order for that item until you update the stock count.  Customers can even post feedback that can help or break your business.

Setting Up an Online Store

First, you will need to sign up for a Shopify account and subscribe to one of their plans. Read each plan carefully and assess which will benefit your business the most.

Shopify stores are worth the investment, but you would not want to pay for features you will not even use because you do not need to.

If you are well-versed in coding, you can customize even the smallest details on your Shopify store. But if not, you can always choose from their predesigned themes or hire a software developer to build your shop. Setting up an online store is kind of the easy part.

For your business to be successful, you need to promote your Shopify store as well. The good thing is that Shopify offers marketing services as well, but with a cost.

You can do it on your own by promoting your shop via social media channels. So, is Shopify worth the investment? The answer is yes!

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