The 4 Most Popular E-commerce Trends

Ecommerce has well and indeed managed to revolutionize consumer shopping.

Unlimited options and the unrivaled ease of shopping have encouraged the modern-day consumer to solicit e-commerce apps in a highly abundant manner.

The e-commerce sales figures are projected to rise to a massive 4.5 trillion US dollars in 2021.

Let’s talk about a few marketing and technology trends that e-commerce providers need to adapt to enhance their customer value.


It has become very much apparent in the marketing world that blanket ad and e-mail campaigns are a huge failure when it comes to garnering customer engagement.

Trying to engage your customers with personalized content has proved to be extremely effective, managing to improve customer engagement by six times.

Realizing the potential of personalization, the e-commerce industry has decided to leverage personalization in their own way.

As of now, e-commerce platforms are providing personalization, primarily based on your previous search categories.

These categories are also based on the various filters that you have used on your previous searches, namely your choice of brands, your price ranges, etc.

E-commerce platforms are also heavily leveraging personalized e-mails and push notifications, that generally inform you about the new products that they have specifically chosen for you to glance upon, based on your previous searches.

Choosing E-Commerce Software that provides such features is a good option in this scenario.


A prevalent behavior that is seen among majority e-commerce shoppers is that they fail to rely entirely on the various images of the offerings shown in website/app.

There is always a speckle of doubt in the mind of the consumer, whether the actual delivered product will turn out to be similar to the one shown in the picture, when it comes to the shape, size, color, etc.

This is the reason many buyers develop a hesitant attitude when it comes to placing the final order.

In order to remove this uncertainty to a significant extent, e-commerce platforms have come up with, Video-based introductions for their products.

For example, a video introduction for a sports shoe would include a model actually wearing the original shoe and performing some physical activities that highlight the purpose and durability of the shoe.


Chatbots are something that has taken customer experience to a whole new level, catering to particular customer queries and replying with personalized solutions.

Even though the e-commerce industry has not abundantly adapted this trend as of now, it seems that chatbots are a solid contender when it comes to offering customized product choices to e-commerce customers.

However, the most important thing to keep in mind is the personalization factor that should be at the core of the bot development strategies of every e-commerce platforms.

Remove the personalization factor, and the chatbot is nothing but a usual search box that can talk.

For example, “An e-commerce chatbot cannot provide me with high priced shoe brands like Nike and UnderArmour, if I have mentioned, previously in the conversation that I am on a tight budget.”

Social Media

E-commerce platforms are gradually realizing the potential social media platforms hold when it comes to things like brand awareness, lead generation lead conversion, etc.

Every potential e-commerce customer spends a significant portion of their daily time browsing on social media.

When it comes to lead generation, creating social posts about certain products belonging to particular categories can be created with a CTA in this description to encourage the customer to visit the website and check out more products belonging to this category.

CTAs, like providing a “BUY” button on facebook and “Checkout” on Instagram, are a few examples of directly converting potential social media lead.

There you go! 4 major eCommerce trends that are going to redefine the future of eCommerce market. I know this is just a tip of the iceberg. There are still more up-and-coming trends that are sure to overhaul the sector like never before. Hop over to our comment section to discuss the same.   

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