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Five Ways to Make Your Marketing Emails Even Better

Creating an email list and sending any kind of email is better than doing nothing at all, but don’t think that just because you send out emails regularly that your emails are the very best they can be.

The truth is, there are probably ways you can improve your emails right now, and it may not include as much time or as much money as you think!

If you want to make your emails even better, and in turn, increase the success of your business, give one or more of these ideas a try.

Make Sure They’re Secure

Online security is becoming more and more important as the years go by. Especially when the news always seems to feature companies who have been hacked, and important customer information has been stolen.

One of the best things you can do for your customers and clients who are signed up for your email list is to take the security of your email seriously.

That includes doing things like safeguarding messages with TLS, authenticating emails with DKIM and SPF, and setting up DMARC. If all this sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbos that you don’t have a lot of time for, hire a trusted email service provider who can offer the right security for your email messages.

Make them as Personal as Possible

You probably already think you’re personalizing your messages if you address each one to individual recipients. That’s a good first step, but there are a lot more email personalization techniques out there you should be using that will make your email messages more special.

A few examples include:

  • Build customer personas based on age, gender, or any other customer segments that would work for your business. Then, send each persona their own emails.
  • Use location and time in your emails. For example, make sure your email is sent out at 10:00 a.m. in every timezone.
  • Set up automated emails that are based on behavioral triggers. For example, send an email if a customer has items in their online cart, but hasn’t yet completed their purchase.

Encourage Participation from Your Readers

People like to feel like they matter to the brands and businesses they support. One of the best ways to make your readers feel like they matter is to encourage participation.

Participation from customers and clients comes with many benefits. It can help you develop new products and services, and it can show your customers that you care about their input.

Encourage participation on social media and make it easy for customers to send you a message on your website, but you should also encourage participation through email. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have to respond to your message either.

You can enlist the help of email copywriting services to ensure that your emails get read and successfully engage your readers.

Participation can include clicking on a link, taking a survey, or connecting on social media.

Add Something Fun or Unexpected

Most people have been inundated with marketing emails for years. You can stand apart from the crowd if you add something fun or unexpected to your messages.

There are many examples of awesome email marketing techniques.

A few include:

  • An animation, video, or sound
  • Fun facts that catch the readers’ attention
  • Explanation of what to expect from marketing emails

Don’t forget about special deals, coupons, and freebies! For something a little different, invite readers into your store to pick up a special gift.

Make It Simple for People to Unsubscribe

It may seem counterintuitive to make it easy for people to unsubscribe, but it is important if you want your company to be successful.

We’re all looking for ways to detox our inboxes. Sometimes, that means unsubscribing from emails that we were once interested in. It may even mean unsubscribing from brands we still like. We just like the brand enough to visit the website when we’re ready to make a purchase instead of getting regular emails.

Make the unsubscribe button easy to find, and allow readers to unsubscribe with a single click. It prevents frustration, which is a good thing.

If you make unsubscribing easy, you can actually increase the likelihood of that person coming back to your brand in the future!

Once you’ve created some marketing emails, don’t think your job is done. You should always be looking for ways to make your messages even better. With the ideas on this list, you can make your marketing emails the very best they possibly can be.