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Email Marketing – What To Do to Extract the Best from It

Email marketing is perceived as a focused and proven way of reaching to the target audience. Email lists made from the results of customer behavior research are considered nothing less than a goldmine considering the measurable outputs that these deliver from minimal investment.

Therefore, digital marketers constantly research on how to improve this medium on the parameter of deliverability. Email marketing has some serious challenges, too, and the most serious among these is your emails not reaching the targeted IDs. The poor click-rate, bounced mails etc. are the challenges waiting on the other side of the situation where email reaches the destination ID.

But, problem of email failing to reach the targeted audience is severe enough to sabotage the whole marketing plan. So, let’s concentrate on the problem of not being able to reach the targeted emails and find out how deliverability criteria of email marketing can be worked upon for better results.

It is a well-known fact that consumers have installed a variety of spam detectors to keep their inboxes from getting deluged with marketing emails in hundreds of numbers daily. So, your true challenge lies in building trust and reputation among the end users. Here are some of the ways one can adopt to make oneself trustable to the spam filters.

  1. Sending emails is small batches

ISP is a kind of wall between you and your end user. To break this wall, it is necessary that you send mails in small batches at the start. You get the response in the form of ‘read mails’ which help you find out the email addresses of interested consumers. Send mails regularly to such addresses and sooner you will be picked by the ISP as a trustable sender. You can surely increase the number later but only after gauging the performance of small batches.

  1. Make a schedule for sending emails and stick to it

No one wants to crack codes all the time; in fact, in email marketing, some of the times are actually the ripe times where consumer expects the intimation from the marketer. So, weave your schedule around these points of time when the consumer interest is expected to be all-time high. Sticking to this schedule helps in building relationship and you would be able to garner the image of a responsible service provider instead of a mindless marketer.

  1. Update list regularly

If you keep sending emails to non-existent or inactive IDs, you are simply digging your own grave. Your email marketing campaign is going to be a sham if you do not wake up on time and take call to purge the names of inactive users off the email list. So, what to do? Well, nothing more than identifying the inactive email IDs and purging them. Identification can be done on the basis of the time span that has elapsed since the receiver has opened the mail sent by you. These people who have shown zero sign of action on the mails sent by you are your ‘inactive’ or non-existent users and these need to be tackled on priority.

  1. Pick a decent frequency of sending mails

Neither you should be a sender long forgotten nor should you sound like a spammer. There has to be decorum in the way you send mails and deciding frequency is one of the factors contributing to it. Weekly is the best frequency option to bet upon, to start with. If your content is kickass and is able to ruffle the feathers around, you can scale up the frequency by making it two per week. However, in case of mild response, you may try going for monthly emails or newsletters before deciding to abandon the email marketing option completely.

  1. Monitor the blacklist

It is wise to keep an eye on the DNS based blacklist on a regular basis. This practice cannot be carried out personally and you would find a great help in a professional doing this monitoring for you. Various email validation services have monitoring as part of their packages and they give clear details with reasons if your IP address is found on the blacklist.

  1. Filter the email addresses received from contest entry

Contests attract one and all; including those who resort to creating multiple fake IDs to brighten the chances of that big time giveaway. So, if you choose to add all the entries received through contests in your subscriber list, then you are simply building a trash bin and not a reliable email list. No wonder the bounce rate received in the marketing campaign targeted at such list will be dreadful!

Hence, you need to find ways to filter the gold from the heap to make your email marketing campaign a real success. Finding fake email IDs is not such easy, but email validation service like ZeroBounce can make it easy for you by doing the investigations on your behalf.

  1. Sender policy framework (SPF)

If you have sender policy framework in place, it becomes easier for ISPs to recognize you as a reliable sender from the horde of spammers. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clearly defined SPF in place so that you can explain the motive of sending mails and justify the role of marketer. By doing so, your emails will not face rejections and eventually, you will be able to meet the objectives of the campaign you launch.

Some simple hacks to maximize the gains from email marketing

So, your emails are reaching the audience and not getting bounced as dreaded earlier, bingo! Now it is time to present yourself in the best possible light to give your readers an assurance that they have not made a mistake by choosing to be the part of your subscriber list. You can start with by being extremely professional and to the point in your approach. This can be achieved by:

  • Using a sub-domain solely for the marketing campaign

This sub-domain will have all the features appreciated by ISPs and other walls that stop you from reaching your audience due to trust issues. Your way of handling the sub-domain and managing it as per the ISPs expectations is certainly a boost to your trust meter. You can achieve the status of a trustworthy sender and there are less chances of getting black-listed due to regular monitoring done on this sub-domain.

  • Adding personalization to mails

If you choose to address and greet the customer by name instead of using ‘Dear Customer’, it leaves more friendly and relatable impression on the mind of the reader. Though a number of experts suggest that such practice is no longer applicable as the world knows how it works, still it is certainly the better way. Similarly, instead of using email IDs like, if you use or use ‘Josh from Business Name’, for example, ‘Josh from Buzznews’, it is likely to get more attention.

  • Adding call to action to the mail

Be very specific about what you want the customer to do in your mail and make it sound as simple as possible. So, use email marketing hack called precise call to action when you want your customer to go for that $10 discount in crisper, clearer and simpler tone and win traffic.

  • Make Call to Action appealing

A button is certainly more appealing than a line long boring text. Use some imagination to make customer believe that call to action button is the shortest way to the solution they have been searching for. You can use convincing copy to encourage visitor to click the button. For example, ask questions like ‘Want iPhone at incredible discount?’ or ‘Need free ticket to (an event)?’ – such questions will surely make customer feel happy as well as relieved about the fact that at least good things are made available in user-friendly manner instead of profit-making one.

An overview of email validation

In addition to a number of measures available for making email marketing campaign a success that are discussed above, email validation is worth discussing. This facility covers a number of intelligent features such as:

  1. Syntax detection

Hackers and cyber criminals may use certain tweaks like dots etc to create email IDs closer to the authentic ones in syntax. Passing the syntax through email validation tool is better option than trusting the naked eyes sometimes.

  1. Domain server check

It is necessary that the email you received is coming from authentic domain and not the fabricated one. Imagine a hacker at the other side of fake domain name trying to steal your information; this explains why domain server check is essential.

  1. Use of email validation form

Lastly, one may use email validation form also to ascertain the righteousness of email ID to which the mail is being sent or from which the mail is received.

Thus, email marketing requires you to be aware, alert as well as proactive and intelligently planned in your way of working.

You must make use of all the hacks and email hosting service providers available to assure that 100% of your effort is focused on communication rather than clarification.

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