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7 Best Ways to Find The Attorney Email List Easily

When it comes to finding an attorney in your area, it can be a struggle, especially if you live in a built-up location. Attorney’s seemed to be on every corner but not all of them have the capacity to deal with your issue.

Whether it’s copyright law or a divorce attorney, you need to be able to get the right information and fast.

However, if you don’t need the information as quickly, we have provided you with other options that can help with the search. Here are the seven best ways to find the attorney email list easily.

Pay A Data Company

One of the fastest ways to get the information you need is to pay a data company to find it for you. As there are so many different types of attorneys, you can get really detailed with the information you need.

You can break it down by attorney type and area to get the results you need. These services don’t come cheap, however, but you can be sure you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information that meets your search criteria.

Utilize Current Mailing Lists

There is an array of businesses online that have ready-built mailing lists for attorneys. A quick google search will bring up these lists and you can work through which attorneys match what you need. T

he data won’t be as clear as the data returned by the data company, but if you have more time than money this is a good option.

If you want the most up to date list, there may well be a small charge as these lists cost a lot to keep up to date. Most are reviewed every quarter, so expect to pay a small fee.

Search In Google Maps

If you have some time and no money, you can make the attorney list yourself. This is particularly useful if you live in an isolated area. Simply type in what type of attorney you need and select the geographic radius for your search.

Some of the listings that come up may not be exactly what you want, but you will get a good idea of the services that are being offered in and around your general location.

This is a great option if you are short on cash and don’t want to pay someone else to do it for you.

Go Old School

IF the idea of frantically searching through google doesn’t appeal to you. Get out a telephone directory of your local area. You’ll find that attorneys will be classified under the same heading and then broken down into subsections.

This is a very 1990’s way of doing things, but the results are just as good as google.

Ask An Attorney For Their Recommendations And Contacts

As long as you want to use this information in order to reach attorneys for legal counsel, there is no issue in another attorney handing over this information.

They’ll have their own mailing list and contacts within their industry so are well placed to give you the information. However, to ensure data protection, you will need to use the list in accordance of the terms that you stated to the attorney.


We don’t usually like to suggest social media platforms, however, in this case, they can be useful. A lot of businesses and attorneys advertise their services on here and you will be able to refine the search parameters to give you the best results.

You can really narrow down your geographic search, or open it right up depending on what you need. The end result is an attorney list that should cover all bases.

A Basic Search Engine Search

You’ll be surprised at what a search engine search will throw up. Whether you use Bing, google or duckduckgo, if you just type in attorney mailing lists, you can find different lists for different things.

One of the best functions is the drop-down lists on Bing and google at the top of the page, these give you the locations, the type of practice and their proximity to you. From here you can export this data and use it in whatever manner you want to.

Final Thoughts

Due to the array of attorneys that are available, you can become overwhelmed if you are searching for a particular type in a particular area.

Before you pay a company to find the information for you, try our other methods. It does need to be said though, that our other methods will take longer than services that you pay for.

However, if you have more time than money then these are good options. Don’t be deterred by the amount of data that you come across, it is easily narrowed down based on your search parameters and attorney requirement.