Email Marketing

Top Four Email Marketing Tips For Your Business

Over the past couple of decades, the world of marketing has completely changed. Cold calling was once the best option, but today only 1% of all cold calls will result in a meeting.

With this in mind, it’s not too much of a surprise that email marketing is now a popular alternative. 

While it’s a better prospect, it’s still not guaranteed to work. If it’s done well, email marketing can be a brilliant way of generating more business. However, in many cases, marketers have their focus wrong and this limits its potential as an effective selling tool.

Here, we take a closer look at some email marketing tips that should take your business to the next level. 

Why Is Email Marketing So Popular?

Before looking at some tips and tricks to maximize the potential of email marketing for your business, first, you need to know what the benefits are of using this type of email marketing strategy.

Email marketing strategies have proven to be successful for both large and small businesses, and they can be a great way of making your marketing budget stretch further.

When used well, it can help businesses to improve their bottom line in many ways. The benefits include:

  • Building stronger customer relationships by keeping customers informed
  • Developing a unique business brand by further cementing brand identity in the customers’ minds
  • Becoming a leading authority in your industry with high-quality expert content
  • Increasing time efficiency by making the marketing process speedier 
  • Reducing the cost of marketing overall by reducing the need for paper, radio and TV advertising
  • Building up more business credibility 

These are all attractive advantages, but in order to fully harness their potential it’s important to know how to take the right approach to exploit email marketing’s potential to the full. 

The Primary Metrics Of Email Marketing 

Three primary metrics exist in email marketing:

  • Open rate – This metric refers to the percentage of recipients opening the marketing email. Every company aims for a strong open rate which varies depending on the industry. The average email open rate overall is about 29%. 
  • Response Rate – This metric refers to the percentage of recipients responding to the marketing email.
  • Conversion Rate – This metric refers to the percentage of recipients making a purchase.

The majority of email marketers put their focus on their email open rate. Yet, it’s much more important to consider increasing the Conversion Rate instead. 

So, what do you need to know about email marketing? How can you win over more customers and increase your revenue? Here are four top tips.

1. Make Buying Easier

No matter which service or product you’re selling, you need to make it simple for customers to make their purchase. It may sound obvious, however, many companies make it surprisingly hard to buy anything.

If customers need to answer complex questions, make extra phone calls or jump through hoops on their buying journey, they’ll almost certainly call it quits before completing the sale.

It’s absolutely essential to focus on the customer’s buying journey and test it out to ensure that it runs smoothly and speedily from start to finish. The easier it is for customers to make a purchase, the easier it is to increase your profits. 

2. Communicating From A Customer Perspective

Too many marketing emails hype the sender’s brand rather than selling the product or service. Email recipients aren’t that interested in the company that is doing the selling.

They won’t care about who is sending the message until they know they want to buy it. Recipients only open and reply to emails that are completely or primarily about what’s being sold.

Selling the benefits instead of the features is the key to marketing email success. Customers don’t really want to know complex details about the product – what they really want to know is how it’s going to change their lives for the better.

Concentrating on how your services and products can make life happier, easier or more convenient in your marketing emails will have the best chance of converting the recipient into a buyer. 

3. Eliminate Sales-Like Language

Many people have a mistrust of salespeople, and some actively loathe them. For this reason, they’re often wary of aggressive selling. Using sales-like language is a sure-fire way to alienate recipients.

Avoiding the stereotypical jargon and terminology is vital, as well as making sure that all claims are fully supported by fact. When customers feel they can trust you and what you have to offer, they’ll be ready to make a purchase. 

4. Keep It Brief

When recipients see your marketing email, they’ll only give it a few seconds before they move on to the next one, so you can’t waste time. Keep your email brief with a single benefit, a single differentiator and one call-to-action.

How does this work in practice? Explain why the recipient can benefit from your product. Follow that up by telling them why they should buy it from you. Finally, give them the call to action along with a link taking them right to your website. 

Keep these expert tips in mind and you’ll find your email marketing campaign quickly gains ground.