15 Signs You’re the Monica Geller of Your Group

Every group of friends has a real-life Monica Geller from Friends. Is it you? Here are all the signs you need:

1. So you think you’re Monica, do you? Let’s find out. 

2. You probably just gave us a big thumbs up, just like Monica. That’s because you’re a massive people pleaser…

3. But that side of your personality is at odds with the part of you that always needs to be right. 

4. You’re never pleased when your friends interrupt you. Especially if you’re saying something very important, which is all the time. 

5. And you pretty much want to kill people all the time. 

6. Your friends have pointed out that you can be a bit… uhhh… immature sometimes. 

7. But you prefer to call it “fun-loving”… 

8. That’s right, you’re the life of any party. 

9. Even if your dance skills aren’t always the best…

10. And you have a totally goofy side that would do anything to make a loved one laugh.

11. Speaking of loved ones, you’re extremely sensual and… not at all awkward. 

12. Joking aside, you do know what you want… and exactly how to ask for it. 

13. But what you want more than anything is a loving spouse — and DREAM WEDDING. 

14. Because you just so happen to be one of the most sentimental people out there… 

15. And most importantly, you’d do anything for your friends. 

You might say… you’ll be there for them.

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