17 Reasons Why High School Best Friends Are Meant to Be Forever

1. You saw each other’s awkward teen years and how you bloomed from ugly ducklings to great ladies.

2. You know all of her crushes, flings and exes.

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3. Secrets? What secret?

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4. You have tons of embarrassing stories ready to tell

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5. They treat you like you’re part of the family.

6. You love talking about your childhood together and it would always start with “Remember that time when..”

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7. Another topic you love to talk about would be high school gossip.

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8. You can be yourself wherever you are as long as you’re together.

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9. They’ve seen everything about you but still, love you for it.

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10. If they need help even it’s in the middle of the night you’ll get up and help them no matter what.

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11. You still have each other’s clothes since you were 12 and have no plans in returning them.

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12. Your friendship survived college even though you’re both miles apart.

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13. They know what to do when you’re having your mood swings.

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14. Changing clothes in front of each other? Not awkward anymore.

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15. Best friends through thick or thin.

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16. Being with your best friend feels like you’re always at home.

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17. You can’t imagine a life without them.

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