18 Photos Of "That One Friend" That'll Make You Laugh

1. There’s that friend who is maybe trying to steal your boo.

2. And that friend who does this without fail.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @TheFitGawd

3. That friend who always wants a bite of what’s yours.

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4. And everyone has this friend.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @lillblu3

5. That friend who may not actually be your friend.

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6. That friend who sometimes needs a boost of confidence.

7. And there’s that friend who is terrible with secrets.

8. The friend who does the absolute most for social media notoriety.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @lidi_lidiya

9. That friend who suddenly decides to show another side of themselves.

10. The friend who always knows how to cheer you up, even when you’re upset.

11. The one friend who takes it upon themselves to make decisions for the both of you.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @THCMOONMAN

12. You know this friend.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Tunechiress

13. That goes for this friend too.

14. That one friend who kinda acts like they don’t want to hang out with you at all.

15. That one friend who is a little bit fake.

16. There’s that ace who won’t get the hint that you just don’t feel like talking at the moment.

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17. There’s the friend who just blatantly lies.

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18. And finally, that friend who is all up in your business, but you love them anyway.

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