18 Songs for Sharing a Hint or Two with Your Crush

This one goes out to the one I love…


1. For initial moment you realize you’re crushin’ hard and you want to SCREAM.

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2. For when your mind drifts back to the moment you realized there was definitely a spark.

3. For wishing and hoping your admirer will finally come around.

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4. For when you daydream about sharing a little dance together in the moonlight.

5. For how much you yearn and long for their attention.

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6. For keeping hope that you’ll get to hang on that next level sooner than later.

7. For sitting back and toe-tapping while you WAIT FOR-FREAKING-EVER.

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8. For when you’re so relieved that text message finally got returned…

9. For when you realize the hang is REALLY, really about to go down.

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10. For when you find something really important in common and get all kinds of MINDBLOWN.

11. For when pretty sure it’s right, so it’s time to get vocal.

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12. For when you kind of (okay, REALLY) need an answer or two.

13. For when you realize you know right where you belong.

14. For mutual swooning.

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15. For the future of your romance.

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16. For your dreamy “let’s make this feeling last forever” time.

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17. For when you’re ready to simply steal away somewhere quiet.

18. For when you realize you’re ready to start falling.

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