21 Struggles Of Being Single, As Told By Ted Mosby

This How I Met Your Mother character knows a thing or two about struggling to find love.

1. Even though having your freedom and independence can be great, being single is also a pretty tough and lonely existence.

2. Especially if you’re used to being in a relationship or if you’re looking for that ~special someone.~

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3. After you’ve been single for a while, your once optimistic take on love quickly deteriorates.

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4. It’s likely you might get to a low point where you’re super hard on yourself.

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5. And you start to question if your singleness has to do with some deeply rooted issues that you weren’t aware of.

6. Running into your ex is basically the worst feeling in the world, second to trying [and ultimately failing] to stay friends after you break up.

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7. And letting your mind wonder, “What if?” is a tricky, tricky game.

8. You spend a *lot* of time with your friends since you don’t have anyone else in your life. They even support you through some of your dumbest ideas.

9. When you’ve been single forever, you forget how to interact with other human beings on dates.

10. You’ve found that the best relationship is the one you have with food.

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11. You can’t relate to any of your friends who are in loving, committed relationships.

12. And listening to your friends in relationships complain about their problems frustrates you to no end.

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13. You obsess and philosophize about being single, so you’ll rant about it to anyone who will listen.

14. Building up the courage to put yourself out there rattles your nerves.

15. And when you do, it sometimes backfires.

16. You spend more quality time with Netflix and your bed than you do anything else.

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17. Your friends always try to set you up on dates and they end up being too awkward for words.

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18. Did I mention it feels lonely?

19. Basically, you can’t help but feel like giving up at all times.

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20. It’s hard to see the silver linings and remain positive when it comes to all the heartbreak and loneliness.

21. But even though being single is hard, somewhere deep down you haven’t entirely given up hope yet, because you never know when you’ll meet someone who will change your life forever.