27 Times "The Simpsons" Was Too Clever for Its Own Good

1. When homophobia was summed up flawlessly.

2. When Homer found an important loophole.

3. When it explained gun control in two lines.

4. When Patti gifted us with the perfect insult.

5. When it made every married couple in America chuckle.

6. Ditto for this one.

7. When it provided the funniest commentary on American censorship.

8. When Patti and Selma were unintentionally the perfect anti-smoking ad.

9. When this joke hit waaaaaay too close to home.

10. When fracking and feminism were addressed in one gag.

11. When Principal Skinner declared a vital new holiday.

12. When this simple summary of modern day rock occurred.

13. And Nelson showed his sensitive side.

14. When Lisa pointed out a major flaw in our education system.

15. When A Clockwork Orange got quite silly.

16. When Homer said it best.

17. When Lisa stumbled upon the best sign ever.

FOX / Via teenager90s.tk

18. When Homer pointed out the sad but hilarious truth.

FOX / Via i.imgur.com

19. When the irony was too real.

20. When Homer discovered a major issue with sex dice.

21. When Homer got really innovative.

22. When every gamer in the world felt emotionally fulfilled.

23. When this unforgettable sight gag happened.

24. When Principal Skinner made a valid argument.

25. When it became self-aware.

26. Like, really self-aware.

27. And when it was way ahead of its time.