3 Surprising Mistakes that Leave a Website Dead in the Water

Website design is harder than it looks. There is a lot to think about, from content and aesthetics to SEO and target customers. This article is about web design tips, but rather than focus on what you should do, we are going to take a look at what not to do.

Cheap Hosting

All businesses need a website; that’s a given. These days, it is very easy to build a simple website from scratch using a WordPress template. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. There are around 500 websites created each day using WordPress, which is atestament to how easy WordPress is to use. However, what many business owners fail to understand is that a beautiful website is useless if the website hosting package is sub-standard.

Not all hosting companies are created equal. Some are prone to downtime and slow loading speeds, which in the cut-throat world of e-commerce is a disaster. Customers don’t want to wait 20 seconds for a page to load. If this happens, all they do is click away and shop somewhere else. Don’t make this mistake. If you want to build a successful website, research website hosting providers and select a competent one with a good performance record.


When you designed your website, did you think about what colors to use or did you go with whatever theme looked suitably professional? If it is the latter, you could be making a huge mistake. Color is more important that you realize and a few wrong choices could drive customers away in their droves.

Color psychologists have discovered that we place a huge amount of importance on color when we visit a website. If a site’s colors are unappealing, we tend to click away. Naturally, this is not helpful if you are trying to sell a product or service, so it pays to put some thought into color when designing a website.

It would take all day to go into color theory in any great depth, but in general, orange and red call to action buttons are more effective; green is a good choice for health and wellness websites, and gray or black (in small amounts) suggest seriousness, strength, and dominance.

Online Maze

If you walk into a store and you can’t find what you are looking for, you leave. It is no different online. The search button needs to be in a prominent location, but above all, site navigation should be intuitive with an easy to follow categorization system.

The more confusing you make your website the more likely people are to click away. View your website as a visitor. If you can’t things or it’s not obvious, make changes.

Most people make a ton of mistakes when they first create a website. If the website is your hobby site, it won’t matter too much, but if you need your website to drive customers to your business, one or two small website design mistakes could cost you money.