32 Autumn Leaf Photos That Are Almost Pornographic

1. Those are some nice looking verdant valleys you got there.

Flickr: dmcordell / Creative Commons

2. But they’ve got nothing on your bucolic peaks.

Flickr: chrisschoenbohm / Creative Commons

3. I’m getting a little misty just thinking about autumn in New England. 😂

Flickr: plutinc / Creative Commons

4. Hey there little leaves.. the only thing nicer than spending the evening with you…

Flickr: howardignatius / Creative Commons

5. …is waking up next to you in the morning.

Flickr: howardignatius / Creative Commons

6. Those shafts of light shining through your golden leaves aren’t the only shafts being affected this autumn. 😲

Flickr: 38983646@N06 / Creative Commons

7. Those rich autumn hues got me feeling like I need to find religion.

Flickr: catzrule / Creative Commons

8. Hey, are you from Vermont? Cause I’d love to Ver-MOUNT you.

Flickr: bloggle / Creative Commons

9. Oh, did you grow up on a farm? Cause you sure are good at making me grow. 😉

Flickr: paulmoody / Creative Commons

10. You got more colors than a box of Crayola, baby.

Flickr: christianusa / Creative Commons

11. Finally, a place where we can be alone.

Flickr: chrisschoenbohm / Creative Commons

12. I’ll meet you at our little lakeside cabin and just get lost in your kaleidoscopic colors.

Flickr: quintanomedia / Creative Commons

13. Sometimes when the light hits you just right, you look STUNNING.

Flickr: 48590810@N04 / Creative Commons

14. I tell you what. I’d like to take you home…

Flickr: eflon / Creative Commons

15. …and introduce you to my family…

Flickr: masstravel / Creative Commons

16. …and just grow old together.

Flickr: adwriter / Creative Commons

17. Are you a secluded country road? Cause you’re driving me wild.

Flickr: kimberlykv / Creative Commons

18. Looking nice, Maine. I wouldn’t mind spending a little time in Vacationland, if you know what I mean.

Flickr: cr_photo_ny / Creative Commons

19. Damn Connecticut, that’s some FIIIIINE foliage.

Flickr: btonevibes / Creative Commons

20. I’m seeing the forest for the trees, and I’m liking what I see.

Flickr: btonevibes / Creative Commons

21. Watching you turn red is making me turn red. 😳

Flickr: kimberlykv / Creative Commons

22. Ooh, blondes really do have more fun. 😜

Flickr: shenamt / Creative Commons

23. 🙏 🙌 Take me away!

Flickr: masstravel / Creative Commons

24. Wow, that grove making me feel a little moist.

Flickr: 38983646@N06 / Creative Commons

25. Oops! Looks like someone got caught changing! How naughty…

Flickr: dwinton / Creative Commons

26. Nice. I love a tree who’s a little fiery. 🔥

Flickr: listed_crime / Creative Commons

27. All your friends already lost their leaves. Looks like someone might be a bit of a late bloomer.

Flickr: sunsetnoir / Creative Commons

28. Nothing has more splendor than a maple in November!

Flickr: goodfeeling / Creative Commons

29. Wouldn’t mind getting into that bower. 😘 (a shaded, tree-enclosed area.)

Flickr: 97608671@N02 / Creative Commons

30. The warm sun shining through your leaves us leaving me all hot and bothered. 😅

Flickr: natalfigs / Creative Commons

31. Let’s you and I make like a couple of trees and leaf.

Flickr: ellenm1 / Creative Commons

32. Goodbye beautiful. See you next fall!

Flickr: fotosense / Creative Commons