4 Films Released in 2017 That Didn’t Impress

If you’re a certified film buff, you surely look forward to the yearly release of movies that can be watched on the theaters. Despite the thrill of watching something new, there are also those films that would make you regret ever wasting money on them. These are the types that make zero impact on the film industry and will no doubt be quickly be forgotten.

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The year 2017 has been a momentous year for filmmakers and we’ve already witnessed some great film offerings with some excellent storylines earlier this year. But, of course, you can’t avoid the usual fluff that should really be just shown on TV screens. To keep you from wasting your precious time and money, here are films we think have been poorly made and rated this year!

1.     The Great Wall

Matt Damon has always impressed with his acting ability. In all his films, he’s always played the lead role flawlessly. The Great Wall is no different. However, with a poor storyline and loads of controversy surrounding the casting of Matt Damon as the lead, it certainly won’t go down as one of his best films, to date.

The film lacks in pretty much every department apart from having an excellent graphics and decent DVD authoring, but those aren’t enough to make any film great. In fact, The Great Wall disappointed so much so that it’s also a poor tribute to the great monument itself where the movie was based on.

2.     Sleepless

Starring Jamie Foxx, Sleepless promised to shine in America but didn’t get to live up to all the buzz surrounding it. In fact, the film only grossed a measly $8.5 million on its opening weekend, which was much lower than the initial forecast about its gross.

The film is based on the French movie release “Sleepless Nights“–and many expected it to be one of the best films of 2017.

Plot-wise, Jamie Foxx portrays a typical American cop with a loving family. Unfortunately, his son gets kidnapped and he feels it’s up to him to bring him home. It’s your typical boring storyline that has been done many times before and that’s the main reason why it failed miserably.

3.     Baywatch

With a cast consisting of big-time actors like Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron, it was expected to be the movie that made the hit TV show look amateurish. However, with uncomfortable jokes throughout and the film relying heavily on pure sex appeal with not enough personalities to go around. It also wasn’t quite what the typical Baywatch fanatic would expect given the really divergent storyline. In fact, even having David Hasselhoff in it didn’t save the movie at all.

4.     The Bye Bye Man

The name of the horror film “The Bye Bye Man” is instantly off-putting and almost sounds like it should be on a children’s TV show. Those that love horror movies even felt the movie was somehow disrespecting the horror genre with its poor cinematics and directing qualities.

The Bye Bye Man will always be remembered as a copycat movie. While the idea of the movie banks on a man that gets into students heads to commit horrific acts seems interesting in theory, it was an idea that couldn’t provide a fresh enough angle to separate it from other previous box-hit horrors.

The above films have truly disappointed this year after looking like they were going to be big hits thanks to entertaining trailers and needless buzz. Let’s just hope some of the other eagerly anticipated movies of 2017 don’t fall victim to bad criticism!