4 Movie Slots You Simply Have to Play Right Now

In case you hadn’t noticed, we simply love movies. Even when the picture has finished rolling, we also like to dive into all of the associated entertainment.

From merchandise and television spin-offs to games of all kinds, if it has something to do with one of our favorites, then you can bet we’ll be looking to get involved.

One of the most reliable sectors in which to find more movie action is casino slots.

The companies behind these kinds of games love to be able to have an instant audience for their games, and are happy to shell out a bit of cash on such licenses and it gives players like us the chance to see some of our favorite characters in a slightly different environment.

If we choose to play for money, there’s a chance of winning some too!

Anyway, we digress. This article was put together to shine the spotlight on some of our favorite movie slots out there right now, and you can trust us when we say that there are some really great games coming up!

Jurassic Park

If a movie makes a mark and leaves an impression, it doesn’t matter how old it is when it comes to slots makers.

A company called Microgaming went back almost twenty years to pluck out this dinosaur favorite for inspiration and created a thrilling game to go along with it.

We love to see familiar characters on our screens, and this one is packed with them – both dinosaur and human.

There’s even a part of the game where everyone is on high alert following a t-rex sighting, and the change to the game is suitably atmospheric.

If you’re in it for the money, then there’s a pretty good chance of hitting it big while the t-rex is on the prowl too.

Terminator 2 – Judgement Day

If you didn’t believe us about Microgaming delving into the back catalog for inspiration, then Terminator 2 – Judgement Day should be all the evidence that you need!

According to gaming portal Novoline, this game is not only one of our favorite movie slots, but one of the most popular casino games out there among online players.

For us, the presence of Arnie in various different guises, along with Sarah and John Connor, not to mention the T-1000, is more than enough to pique our interest.

The game itself plays similarly to Jurassic Park, with lots of winning combinations and free spins.

Although we would have to assume that the growth of the board during the bonus rounds and the enhanced winning possibilities have a lot to do with making this game so popular among the purists!


Another classic has been immortalised on the reels, this time from a different company.

NetEnt is based in Sweden, which is not necessarily a hotbed of movie action, but we are led to believe that they know a thing or two about putting together a movie slot.

The best bit of this game by far for movie buffs has to be the fact that you get to take on the role of Tony Montana in the iconic final scene, shooting down the attackers before finally falling.

There’s nothing quite like it in gaming, and if you’re a fan of the movie, we’d dare say that you’ll be a fan of the game too.

Justice League

It’s not just the older movies that get their own online tie-ins, and yet another company gets involved here.

There are actually two Justice League slots out there and our favorite is the proper movie tie-in from Playtech.

The movie itself may not have been up to much, but as the superhero aficionados that we are, we were always going to love this one.

Playtech, the company behind this one, used to offer a range of slot games based on the Marvel Universe, only switching to DC when the license came to an end.

Apparently, those games are no longer available, but with this one filling in, we can have no complaints at all! For the record, if you prefer the comic book iteration of the heroes, then you’ll find them on a game of the same name from NextGen.

You might never have considered the close links between the movie industry and the gaming one, especially after the old days where virtually every official video game was a shameless cash-in with no discernible quality!

However, you’re clearly a movie fan if you’re here on the site, and if you like to have a dabble in casino action too, then the games above are great places to start.

They’re also only the tip of the iceberg – there are slots out there based on everything from Transformers to Titanic and much more besides.

So, if you’re like us and like to explore everything about your favorite movies, you’ll definitely want to get involved!

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