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5 DIY Toys Your Dog Will Love

New toy = entertained pup.  And an entertained pup, means a happy owner (and dog walker).  We hope you have as much fun with these DIY dog toys as we do!

A word of caution with all these toys:

  1. Your dog should always be supervised when playing with these toys.
  2. Large or strong breeds may go through these fairly quick.
  3. Anything made with clothing, like a sock or shoe, can lead to your clothing being chewed up…dogs don’t differentiate “old” from”new” or even “favorite”.
  4. Even small “treats” are similar to candy bars as a far as a dog’s diet is concerned. Better to use pieces of the dry food you feed anyway. Pour the daily ration into a bowl and use pieces from that, so you don’t overfeed.
  5. Pieces of plastic bottle can cause internal damage…if your pet is a serious chewer, this toy is not recommended without supervision.
#1 – Water bottle in sock
Via Indubitably Tosh

Great Inexpensive Dog Toy!  Find a clean empty plastic water bottle, with or without a cap, and an old sock.  If you have the cap you can add some dry beans or anything else to the inside of the bottle that will add to the noise factor. Insert the bottle in an old athletic sock (any old sock will do) and tie off the end.

This dog toy can be easily made with items found around the house and takes under ten minutes to complete. This is perfect for dogs of all ages. No crafting experience required.

Read full instructions here.


#2 – Pupsicles
Via Life in momma tone

Pupsicles are very fun to make and pups absolutely love them. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a whole batch of pupsicles and they are guaranteed to keep your pooch busy and entertained for a while.

Check out the simple steps in this article.


#3 – Tennis ball muffin tin puzzle.
Via Dog Vacay

“The muffin tin game is perfect for all canines. Whether your pooch is a puppy, adult dog or senior dog, the muffin tin game will challenge your four-legged friend’s brain and appeal to his senses. All you need is a muffin tin and tennis balls and treats for each muffin hole! Cheer on your best buddy for a dogtastic game!”

Check out the link at Dog Vacay to find out how to do it.


#4 – No-Sew Denim Dog Toy
Via Creativity Unmasked Blog

“If you have a tired pair of denim jeans and not-so-tired dog, then this simple no-sew DIY dog toy is the perfect fit…even if the jeans aren’t! All you need are some recycle-ready jeans, a pair of scissors, and a few minutes to make this quick toy. Our spoiled (but very loved!) dog now has his very own denim toy collection thanks to an old pair of my jeans!”

Read step by step instructions here.


#5 – Fleece Tug Toy
Via Making it home blog

“These are super easy to make, and you actually probably already know how! Have you ever made a boondoggle, scoubidou, plastic lace lanyard, scoubi, or rex-lace? We’re going to use that same technique here, but with fleece.”

Read the full instructions here.