5 Professions That Can Benefit by Using Body Armor

We live in an age where potential threats are everywhere – at some locations more than others… and certainly in some professions.

While it’s a no-brainer to supply police officers and those working in law enforcement with body armor, there are some professions that also require protection.

Each body armor provides a different level of protection, depending on the inherent threat level. Here are some less obvious professions that can benefit the wearer of body armor.

1. Security Guards

One of my friends used to be a security guard at a local hotel and casino. It astounded me how she’d routinely go to work without wearing protective body armor, considering her line of work. (Especially since she was surrounded by drunks who had bad losing streaks and short tempers.)

Any security guard, regardless of the establishment they work, will drastically reduce their chances of being wounded when wearing body armor – regardless of the armor classification.  

2. Judges

For all the good work judges do, it’s no secret that a lot of them make a lot of enemies in the wrong places. Therefore, it’s a good reason for judges to wear body armor in their line of work.

Although security guards in courthouses do provide some protection, it is difficult to gauge whether their reaction time will be able to prevent a wound to a judge.

They may even benefit by wearing body armor during their everyday lives – though this may be taking it to an extreme in some cases.

3. Shop Owners

Civilians are legally permitted to buy bulletproof vests – if you aren’t a convicted felon. I’m always amazed by the lack of precaution shop owners and cashiers take.

Security cameras, while useful, are useless when someone is aiming a gun at you. This is particularly beneficial for store owners who work at a place that has a history of robbery and limited funds to purchase other anti-theft security systems. (Or if the store owner isn’t allowed to own a weapon.)

4.Bank Tellers

Although in-person robberies happen far less these days, due to everything being digitized, bank tellers may be in danger in case a team decides to hold up the establishment. Although this risk is minimal, the chance is still there. Criminals who aren’t technologically-savvy are still prone to walk in a bank and demand cash. Banks in Elgin, Myrtle Beach and Waterbury were reportedly robbed at point-blank recently. (It should be known, though, that there is no such thing as a “bulletproof vest”. Body armor is not bulletproof.)

5.ATM Repairmen

How often do you see someone in front of an opened ATM? I’ve personally never seen an ATM being repaired. They must be repaired at night – the exact time most crime happens in certain areas. Any ATM in the world is at risk of being taken advantage of – sometimes by criminals who have nothing to lose, with a lot of firepower.


The fact remains: although it seems like there is no present danger, there is really no way of knowing. Body armor (and other forms of protection) are just a few steps to ensure the highest rate of surviving a bullet shot. The professions here are intended for people who work in more dangerous and shadier parts of the world. In the end, it is all about maximizing your level of safety as much as possible. With the amount of firearms there are in the market, as well as unregistered weapons, it is important now more than ever to readily protect yourself.

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