5 Recent Interesting Online Gaming Innovations

Online casinos have gone from being a novelty not too long ago to giving brick and mortar casinos a real run for their money.

The convenience they offer, but also the way the industry has found a way to reinvent itself year after year, is what has enabled them to keep attracting new players.

Today, you will find many players who have never stepped foot in an actual casino, and don’t intend to.

And with the exciting gameplay recent online casino games offer, it’s not difficult to understand why. Here are five recent and interesting innovations that have hit the world of online casinos lately.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have threatened to put the whole financial order upside down and change the way we interact with financial institutions.

While this has not happened yet, one area where they are making a significant impact is in online gambling.

One of the reasons why cryptos are so popular with online casino players is because they allow for a fast, secure, and anonymous way to transfer money.

Sounds like a dream for any online player, doesn’t it? Especially for those living in jurisdictions where online gambling is tightly regulated.

Virtual and Live Casinos

Online casinos have also done a great job of making the gameplay as immersive as possible for players. Virtual casinos and live dealer casinos are two examples.

Live dealer casinos use real dealers in games, which not only makes games more realistic but help reassure some traditionalists of the fairness of the games.

Even when there is no dealer present, recent games, like perfect blackjack by Playtech, for instance, do everything they can to reflect the traditional casino experience.

They do so while also adding their own twist to classic games in a way that would be difficult in a brick and mortar setting.

3D and Gamified Slots

Online slots have evolved greatly since their inception but are now often much more sophisticated than what you would find in your traditional casino. 3D slots have graphics that literally look like they’re jumping out of the screen.

Software providers like Playtech are doing everything they can to push the envelope and offer the best gaming experience to players. Many online slots now have video game aspects to them which add an element of skill to games that make them even more immersive.

Better Mobile Gaming

Many online casinos either had no mobile option, or a stripped-down version of their website that you could access through your phone or tablet. But these days, most online casinos are trying to please their mobile audiences and make games more mobile-friendly.

We’re seeing more complete online casino apps than ever before, which is coinciding with the release of more powerful phones on the market. The best casinos offer a flawless experience no matter the format.

Social Gambling

Social gambling is another very interesting development in the world of online casinos.

Most online casinos have always had some sort of chat option where players could interact with each other, but being able to integrate this with social media and feel like you actually know the people you’re playing against is adding a whole other dimension.

People can make, add, or invite friends to games and have a casino night from wherever they are. They can also choose to use social media communication tools as they do, which makes the experience even more communal.


The world of online gambling is constantly evolving, and there’s no telling where it will take us. One thing is for sure, and that’s that it’s showing no signs of slowing down and we can expect it to keep blowing us away for years to come.