5 Ways iGaming Companies Have Met the Marketing Challenge

In terms of marketing and advertising, betting and gaming companies must walk through a minefield of legal and social pushbacks to get their message across.

Consider the dialogue that runs through many national parliaments and executive bodies; tougher regulation is always being proposed.

And, of course, it’s different from country to country (and state to state in America), providing another headache for the marketers.

Yet, gaming companies have not been shy in confronting the marketing challenge head-on, and they have been able to come up with innovative strategies that both pre-empt and assuage regulators.

The evolution of the marketing strategy has also been interesting, and other industries could certainly take note. Here are five ways iGaming companies have thrived in marketing:

A Focus on Responsible Gaming

In many countries, the regulation of internet gambling is well behind the times, with many bills stuck in parliaments from Australia to Ireland to Canada.

Authorities have simply not caught up the popularity and ubiquity of casino sites. In the vacuum, many online casinos have decided to put responsible gambling at the forefront of their marketing.

Putting on an ethical front in marketing is nothing new, of course, but doing so in the absence of regulation, and creating tools that can help players, is a bold move. And one that seems to be working.

A Suggestion of Sophistication

One of the biggest attractions of casinos is that they have been able to create an idealized perception of themselves.

Helped by that James Bond-like idea of the luxury casino experience, the classic games have always been associated with sophistication.

As you can see at www.mansioncasino.com/blackjack, you can find classic games online aimed at high rollers, something that is even more pronounced given the live dealer options available online.

Branded and Licensed Games

As cinema and television become transformed by big-budget productions of superhero movies and epic fantasy, casino software developers have seized on the opportunity to capitalize on some ready-made marketing opportunities.

Consider the massive deal developer Playtech signed with Warner Bros. in 2016, allowing for the creation of around 20 licensed casino games based on the likes of Batman, Superman, and Justice League.

The same goes for Microgaming and other smash hits bits of pop culture like Game of Thrones and Jurassic World. Branding that transcends the casino industry and that can attract an army of new players.

Getting Social

During the early 2000s, playing at an online casino could be a bit of dry experience. Despite the innovation on show, it was almost always a solitary venture.

That’s changing, and it’s allowing casino operators to advertise in the sense of offering a social experience.

This is mostly on shows with live dealer tables, where there have been pushes to combine games like roulette and poker with football studios that facilitate chatting among players and croupiers about the live football scores.

Fair Play Promotions

Let’s face it: Most players have always been quite sceptical about the idea of receiving free money from casinos just for signing up and making a deposit.

The truth is that many of these promotions were wrapped up in terms and conditions. These days, casinos are trumpeting their clear and fair terms and conditions, with policies like “free spins, keep what you win.”

As a result, the bonuses seem to have become a little smaller, but the clearer terms have made them more attractive from a marketing perspective.

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