6 Features of a 3d pen you should look before buying

Today I am going to discuss with you about the latest features of 3D printing pen. But first, I would like to tell about 3D pen in short in case you don’t know much about it. Best 3D pens has bulkier than any normal pen or pencil. But it uses plastic instead of traditional led or ink instead. That’s right. You read it correctly. You can operate this pen just like a regular pen or pencil for drawing.

There are two different technology for 3D pen at present. FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), is the same method utilized for 3D printing. However, there’s another technique which uses a special ink,  “photopolymer”. It gets thicker under UV ray and the liquid ink expels from a nozzle. It’s totally safe for children as the nozzle remains cold. I told you about the 3D pen in brief. Now, it’s time to find out about the latest features of 3D pen technology. Are you ready to explore? Alright. Let’s begin then.  

3d Pen Features:-

1. 3d pen should be compatible on every surface

A 3d pen should be compatible on every surface. Basically, you will be able to use it on any surface. A 3D Pen utilizes melted plastic for drawing a 3D object. Hence, you need to be selective while buying it.

You should pay attention to its responsiveness and writing quality. I would suggest you to overlook few products if it’s not responsive on every surface for drawing.

2. Temperature Sensitive

3D pen technology operates by the heat factor. You’ll notice some changes based on the temperature from the outside. It would be beneficial to read other customer’s reviews before purchasing a 3D pen.

Temperature is a very crucial part for deciding a 3d pen. You must be aware of operating temperature for a particular 3D pen. Some pens are appropriate for high temperature and necessity after all.

3. Figure out the Timing of plastic coming out of the pen

As you know already that 3D pen runs on heat technology. You should ensure that metal plastic is coming out to draw your 3D model at the correct time. Heat can influence the plastic and add a few colors which may seem different than others by the heat. It would be better to know the correct timing of plastic while using a 3D pen.  It will be a disaster if you don’t know when the plastic is going to come out. Yep. It will be a mess (& total waste too).

Melted plastic may get stuck inside the pen. It’s a sign of trouble then. You can’t blame the 3D Pen manufacturer as it depends on the plastic material and your timing for drawing. On the other hand, you can practice for some time to get used to with your 3D pen.

4. Cooling Time

A 3D pen is not appropriate for drawing long hours. You know already that it uses melting plastic to model your drawing. Thus, it could be heated after a while, and so you need to give it a rest for cooling. Best 3D pens take minimal time for cooling so that you can get back to your drawing as soon as possible.  3D pen technology operates through heat, and it works perfectly only after heating melted plastic correctly so that you can draw or doodle. Cooling is an important feature when you are choosing a 3D pen for your artistic talent.

It determines how long you need to wait before using. Hence, I recommend you to buy a fitting 3D pen to do your work without a long delay (in the middle of work).  

5. Clogging the System

I have told you about the consequences if it gets stuck often. It may happen while you are cooling down your pen as well. In fact, many companies are going through this predicament currently.  You aren’t going to buy a new pen each time after facing this issue. It’s not so cheap after all whether you are an artist or hobbyist. That’s why you should pick the best 3D pens available at the market right now.  You should select a 3D pen which has suitable clogging system to avoid frequent plastic replacement issue. You must pay attention to this part while purchasing a 3D pen.

6. Warranty

People look at warranty whenever buying a product. So, there’s no exception here as well. Warranty is an insurance of your product to return/replace if you face any problem within the warranty period. Everybody knows about it very well. You should read other customers feedbacks about a specific product before deciding to buy. You can read reviews about multiple 3D pens from the different companies on Amazon.

3D pens are an innovative technology for drawing enthusiast and professional artists. It can help you a lot to learn but you should decide a 3D pen based on others customers feedbacks and warranty period.

Final Verdict

You should consider these key features for selecting a 3D pen right now. I have told you the most crucial aspects of buying an ideal pen with the best features from the market.

You can draw or doodle 3D arts by this pen technology. Just keep these feature in your mind while purchasing a 3D pen. Lastly, you should have fun with drawing or doodling. A 3D pen is a fitting solution for kids, artists, and hobbyist. Not only this it can save millions of life too.

What do you about this technology?

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Have a great 3d printing journey!!   

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