6 Great Activities to Arrange After the Lockdown

The year 2020 has not been kind to us, as the arrival of Covid-19 signalled a global pandemic and governments around the world had little choice but to order lockdowns to reduce the spread of the virus. The stay-at-home regulations can have serious consequences to a person’s life, as people forego their usual social interactions, spending most of their time at home and if you are eagerly looking forward to getting back to normal, here are some great ways to celebrate the end of the Covid-19 crisis.

  1. Celebratory Family Dinner – There’s no shortage of fine dining in Sydney and booking a table overlooking Sydney Harbour makes for the perfect backdrop to celebrate the return of normality. The people you haven’t seen for months will all be there to share their stores and experiences during the lockdown, which makes for some interesting stories. We should all support local businesses, many of which have really suffered due to the Coronavirus and booking a table at a nice waterside restaurant will help the local economy.
  2. Go to a Music Concert – Think of the bands that will be putting on gigs after such a long lay-off! At least one of your favourite bands will be putting on shows and the Internet will help you find the best music concerts, no matter where you live. Check out your favourite artists on social media and see what they have planned for the coming year, and the musicians will be very happy to do what they love – playing in front of a large audience – and you will be able to experience crowds again.
  3. Day at the Beach – If you are a beach lover and they closed your favourite spots down because of Covid-19, why not plan a picnic day on the beach? Invite good friends and bring along a few large coolers for the beer and a BBQ and you can play all day and party all night. There are some awesome stretches of beach along Bondi, so you can find a quiet spot to set up your gear and enjoy the summer that is almost upon us. You certainly won’t be alone, as the natural thing to do after the lockdown is head for the beach, but there are enough beaches to ensure you get a little privacy.
  4. Helicopter Tour of Sydney – There’s no better way to see Sydney than from the air and with online helicopter tour operators, you and your family can take in an amazing 90-minute flight that offers panoramic views of Sydney Opera House and the Harbour. After a few sweeps around the Harbour, you then experience the thrill of a low pass over Bondi Beach before the pilot heads for Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains, which is a real highlight. The package includes lunch at one of the unique vineyards that the region is famed for, where you can sample some of Australia’s best wines, especially the Sauvignon blanc, with an international 5-star menu. Make sure you take your digital camera along, as you will see Sydney from a bird’s eye view and the Blue Mountains are out of this world.
  5. Whale Watching in Sydney – One of the best stretches of ocean to observe the migrating Humpback Whales, you can book a berth on one of Sydney’s whale watching boats and get a chance to experience these majestic creatures close-up. The Humpback Whale numbers are on the rise, thanks to a global effort to save the whales and if you are there between May and November, this is the migration season, as the whales travel to and from Antarctica, which are their krill feeding grounds. If you would like to know more about the whale watching expeditions, a Google search will put you in touch with a leading tour operator and their website has all the information about whale watching.
  6. Take a Short Cruise – One thing that is certain is there will be many short cruises on offer, as the cruise companies look to fill berths in an effort to recoup some of their massive losses, and there will likely be some great deals of you shop around. Short cruises depart from Sydney and after 3-4 nights at sea, the liner returns to Sydney, and they will have dates that work for you.

There is one positive about spending months in lockdown, which is the feeling you have when you are finally free to travel without wearing a mask and following social distancing rules. Expect it to be busy wherever you are, as millions of Australians enjoy their freedom once again, which we very much took for granted, at least until the arrival of Covid-19. Of course, until the pandemic is over, you should check daily for Australian government Covid-19 updates, which could change at any time.

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